“What America was selling to the world used to be the rule of law.” Zelensky, Ukraine, Kolomoisky, Corruption.

  • Ihor Kolomoisky and Zelensky
  • Sylvie Kauffmann, the editorial director of Le Monde, writes (NYT) that for Europeans the most embarrassing revelation in the July 25 conversation was Ukrainian President Zelensky’s “servility.” The attempt to ingratiate himself to Trump, revealed in the “transcript” released by the White House, was truly disappointing.
  • In addition, Zelensky told Trump that the new prosecutor general would be “100 percent my person.”  We are left to wonder what in the hell that means.  Zelensky also happily joined Trump in the Euro-bashing.  So, the promising reformer, at least if you can believe the Trump version of the conversation, turned servile politician.  It’s not a pretty sight.
  • To add to the questions about Zelensky, prominent in the circle of people surrounding him is one Ihor Kolomoisky, whose PrivatBank was nationalized three years ago after financial regulators found that $5.5 billion was missing from its accounts.
  • Kolomoisky returned from self-imposed exile just after Zelensky took office. He is now appealing to the government for $2 billion in “compensation” for the loss of PrivatBank.  For foreign experts, whether the government gives in will be a test of President Zelensky’s political strength.
  • Anti-corruption activist, Daria Kaleniuk: “The U.S. push for good governance in Ukraine is seriously undermined. What America was selling to the world used to be the rule of law.”


Morning: Impeachment Watch


Tuesday 2 October 2019

  • The State Department IG, Steve Linick, requested an urgent meeting with senior Congressional staff related to documents about Ukraine. The request came soon after Pompeo claimed that the schedule for State Department officials to give depositions to Congress was “not feasible.”  Speculation this morning is that there is a State Department whistleblower.  CNN is reporting that the IG plans to “provide staff with documents related to the State Department and Ukraine.”
  • A Congressional aide describe the IG’s request as “highly unusual and cryptically worded.”
  • Volker is scheduled to testify before Congress on Thursday, October 3. The former Ambassador to Ukraine is scheduled to testify on October 11.
  • Chris Hayes had Mimi Rocah on last night. Rocah used her position as a commentator on MSNBC to make a personal, unprofessional, mean-spirited attack on Bernie Sanders.  Had she said that women shouldn’t vote for any other candidate because that candidate made her “skin crawl,” she would never be back on television. Just imagine if she had said this about Corey Booker or Kamala Harris.   But, for some reason, probably because Bernie has become the designated fall guy, it’s permissible to say such things about Sanders.
  • Elizabeth Warren’s plan for medical care does not include mental health or dental coverage.
  • There are reports that the Ukrainian government signed an agreement Tuesday with pro-Russia separatists, Russia and European monitors that will allow a local election in the separatist-controlled regions in eastern Ukraine.