“No one can beat us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians.”

SATURDAY 28 MAY 2022 On Twitter @cjjohns1951 UKRAINE UPDATE UKRAINE WORLD: Twitter This is day 94 of the was against Ukraine. U.S. to send long-range rocket launchers to Ukraine. Excerpts from Russian TV, political discussion show.  (Talking about Germany’s Chancellor saying that Russia can’t dictate the terms)”Do you think we will accept your terms? ThinkContinue reading ““No one can beat us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians.””

We are about to fact a reality test in Ukraine

@cjjohns1951 FRIDAY 27 MAY 2022 UKRAINE: THE LATEST, PODCAST FROM THE TELEGRAPH CONTRIBUTORS: David Knowles, Dom Nichols, Venetia Rainey, Mutaz Ahmed, Alex Ostrovskyy Nicholls Russia is still pushing west.  Ukraine is calling for heavier weapons.  Rainey It’s not going as well for Ukraine in the Donbas as it has previously in the war.  Russia isContinue reading “We are about to fact a reality test in Ukraine”


Nobody’s going to break us, we’re strong.  We are Ukrainians.  UKRAINE: THE LATEST Guests: Don Nicholls, Louis Ashworth and Roland Oliphant.  Host David Knowles Fighting in the Donbas.  Oliphant Ukrainian fighters are outnumbered. This is a battle of encirclement.  The Russians are making progress.  Fighting for Sieverodonetsk.  If Ukrainians stay and wind up in anContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: HEAVY FIGHTING IN THE DONBAS”

Blame Republicans for Uvalde? Yes, but Also Blame the Supreme Court. | The Nation

As long as conservative justices are empowered to misinterpret the Constitution, we will have more mass shootings, we will have more street shootings, and we will have more school shootings. — Read on http://www.thenation.com/article/society/uvalde-supreme-court-case/

Moaning, lamenting and hand-wringing will change nothing. It’s time to start misbehaving.

THURSDAY 26 MAY 2022 @cjjohns1951 GUNS As long as we allow politicians to sell themselves to the highest bidder, politicians will sell themselves to the highest bidder.  We must expand the Supreme Court and decrease the influence of money on the political system.  Look at the figures showing how much congresspeople make while in office. Continue reading “Moaning, lamenting and hand-wringing will change nothing. It’s time to start misbehaving.”

Kuleba and Podolyak respond to Russia’s ‘blackmail’ proposal for corridor for grain exports / The New Voice of Ukraine

Russia is now blackmailing the world by demanding the lifting of sanctions in exchange for them unblocking Ukraine’s food exports, say Ukrai — Read on english.nv.ua/nation/kuleba-and-podolyak-respond-to-russia-s-blackmail-proposal-for-corridor-for-grain-exports-50245171.html

The appeasement narrative. Europe should not look for ways to save Putin’s face, EP President says / The New Voice of Ukraine

Every effort should be made to help Ukraine stand up against the Russian invasion, EP President says — Read on english.nv.ua/nation/europe-should-not-look-for-ways-to-save-putin-s-face-ep-president-says-50245173.html