Rick Stengel Calls the WH Press Conference What it Is: Propaganda

Rick Stengel from Time Magazine stopped Nicole Wallace’s show this afternoon on MSNBC to point out the idiocy of broadcasting Sarah Huckleberry Sanders’ press conference.  He called it exactly what it is “propaganda” and “disinformation.”  The questions are useless, the answers lies.  Thanks to Rick Stengel. 

The Intercept: John Kelly Has Always Been a Hard-Right Bully

John Kelly didn’t just make a mistake.  He covered for Donald Trump.  He lied about a Congressperson for political purposes.  These guys are not the “adults in the room.”  They are not the answer.  They are not what is going to save us from the destruction of Trump and the Republican Party. https://theintercept.com/2017/10/21/it-didnt-just-start-now-john-kelly-has-always-been-a-hard-right-bully/

Tom Morino Withdraws from Consideration as Drug Czar

  Rep. Tom Morino withdraws from consideration as Drug Czar after a Washington Post/ 60 Minutes expose about a bill he shephered through Congress that hampered the ability of the DEA to effectively move against pharmaceutical companies who were flooding the market with drugs.  What would be going on without the press?

Cheap Attacks from the Democratic Corporatist Center Will Not Work

“Why leftists don’t trust Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick” The Week Ryan Cooper August 3, 2017 The contest for control of the Democratic Party between left and center is continuing apace. The latest battleground is over a handful of minority Democrats being groomed by the centrist establishment to run for office: Sen. KamalaContinue reading “Cheap Attacks from the Democratic Corporatist Center Will Not Work”

Friends Don’t Let Friends Bank with Wells Fargo

    by Dr. Christina Jacqueline Johns   For years after the banking crisis, Wells Fargo went out of its way to present itself as one of the good banks.  According to David Dyan, a reporter who writes about Wells Fargo, part of the bank’s media strategy was to promote itself as a safe, customer orientedContinue reading “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bank with Wells Fargo”