Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 There was a verdict in the federal hate crimes trial of the three men who hunted down and shot Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia.  The three men were convicted of all charges.  This trial followed a state trial where the men were convicted of murdering Arbery.  Neither trial would have takenContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother”

Federal Hate Crimes Trial: Men who Killed Ahmaud Arbery

Blog Draft: News The federal hate crimes trial of the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery began in Georgia today.  This trial would never have come about had it not been for the courage of Arbery’s mother.  She first demanded that the case be taken out of the hands of local officials in Glynn County, GeorgiaContinue reading “Federal Hate Crimes Trial: Men who Killed Ahmaud Arbery”

Podcast: Ukraine World

If you are at all interested in the build up of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine, you should listen to the podcast “Ukraine World.”  It is by far the most intelligent discussion of the situation. The following are notes from several of the Ukraine World podcasts. Ukrainian president Zelensky came to office arguingContinue reading “Podcast: Ukraine World”

Like Sharks in Charge of Water Safety: Elie Mystal and the Supreme Court

Elie Mystal, of the Nation Magazine, is a national treasure.  He is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the stale, phony, self-serving, power and celebrity worshiping hosts and commentators appearing regularly on corporate news. One, just one of the reasons I love him is that he rolls his eyes on nationalContinue reading “Like Sharks in Charge of Water Safety: Elie Mystal and the Supreme Court”


It started last night and then in a totally predictable way, Joe Scarborough amplified and continued it this morning. “It” is the newly minted narrative about the difference between Manchin and Sinema.  Both are holding up essential legislation to maintain a half-decent society.  But, one is doing so as a statesman and the other isContinue reading “GUESS WHO IS “MYSTERIOUS AND IRRATIONAL?” MANCHIN OR SINEMA?”

DC Rally and the Corporate Media

Despite several Twitter friends who repeatedly tell me to stop torturing myself by watching the corporate news channels, I can’t help myself. DC Rally The corporate news has spent weeks and untold hours of air time fretting about the right-wing rally today in Washington.  It’s almost 2 PM, and there are not more than aContinue reading “DC Rally and the Corporate Media”

“it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan

During the past few weeks the corporate news media has been studiously ignoring the disastrous military and humanitarian crisis shaping up in Afghanistan.  They have been doing so, I think, because the crisis makes Biden look feckless, ruthless, and incompetent.  For so long, there was almost nothing on the corporate news, but every day itContinue reading ““it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan”

opinion: charles blow, voting rights and biden

It is a sad comment on the state of our politics that Charles Blow feels the necessity to apologize for a mild, but crucial criticism of the Biden Administration.

haiti: some of what we know

The corporate media no longer finds it necessary to cover international stories.  We are treated to video after video of Biden boarding a plane to go somewhere, but the assassination of the President of Haiti is barely mentioned. The assassination of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moise, was barely covered last week.  From what I have read,Continue reading “haiti: some of what we know”