When do you act like you are in charge?

Ali Velshi of MSNBC started last night trying to push what I can only suppose will be the corporate media line, i.e. that the election in Georgia had nothing to do with policy.  It had nothing to do with voters choosing one view of the future and the way to get there over another. VelshiContinue reading “When do you act like you are in charge?”

no federal pandamic plan, mcconnell packing the courts and other morning delights

MORNING RUNDOWN •       At the beginning of the pandemic, because of the total lack of a federal plan to deal with the problem, New York spent $1.1 billion for supplies to deal with the crisis.  According to the New York Times (NYT) Both the state and city governments entered into contracts rushing to try toContinue reading “no federal pandamic plan, mcconnell packing the courts and other morning delights”

erik prince: the devil himself, a classified contract with your money

The reporting is that Trump’s new buffoon appointments in the Pentagon have awarded EriK Prince (read, the Devil) a classified contract to run mercenary operations in Africa. This is the best book out there about the true depth of corruption and violence represented by Erik Prince.

Biden is not going to just say “come on man” and have McConnell get down on his knees.

It is increasingly apparent to me that watching the corporate news will be as difficult over the next four years as it was over the last four.  Nicolle Wallace, one of the Never-Trumpers that the corporate Democrats love so much, just begged a reporter for information on Republicans who are likely to cooperate with theContinue reading “Biden is not going to just say “come on man” and have McConnell get down on his knees.”

The Brunswick News and the Arbery Killing

Video of protest about the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. This is a letter to the editor that appeared in the Brunswick News (5/14/20).  It needs to be pointed out, however, that the Brunswick News is consistently filled with right-wing material and right-wing political commentary from syndicated columnists.  The editorial page regularly includes an article byContinue reading “The Brunswick News and the Arbery Killing”

Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast

As the corporate media becomes more and more useless in covering the Trump/Republican administration and the coronavirus crisis, we must seek alternative sources of news. Try the “Trump Watch” Podcast. In the April 16 episode, they do an interview with John Nichols from the Nation Magazine about the attempt by the Republicans to control votingContinue reading “Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast”

BOOK: Death in Mud Lick. Corporate Crime, Greed and Destruction

Review of Death in Mud Lick Dwight Garner, “How Painkiller Pushers Took over Coal Country.” nyt Eric Eyre, the reporter who wrote this book, won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting in 2017.  One of the important things he did was to expose, for the first time, in exact numbers, opioid shipments to West Virginia. Continue reading “BOOK: Death in Mud Lick. Corporate Crime, Greed and Destruction”

“Why do you care?” Trump and the Wonder Drugs.

Trump says: “What do we have to lose? I feel very good about it.”   This is just one of several statements Trump has made over the past few days, trying to convince the American people that he has some wonder drug that is going to combat the virus.   In one instance, he’s talkingContinue reading ““Why do you care?” Trump and the Wonder Drugs.”