We are Afraid to Hold Power Accountable

TUESDAY 15 MARCY 2022 It’s another day in which Americans sit in front of their televisions and watch Ukraine destroyed.  As much as I know, as cynical as I am, I felt somewhere deep inside me that America would stand up and defend people in this situation.  I suppose it’s because I am part ofContinue reading “We are Afraid to Hold Power Accountable”


CORPORATE NEWS IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti talks about the possible prosecution of Matt Gaetz. Notes on the Podcast Gaetz has finally hired an attorney and stopped running his mouth so publicy. Gaetz is trying to act like Trump in response to the investigation.  The big difference is that TrumpContinue reading “ON POINT WITH RENATO MARIOTTI: MATT GAETZ”

Interesting Books: Patriotic Dissent

You can listen to an interview with the author on the podcast “Scheer Intelligence.”  https://www.kcrw.com/culture/shows/scheer-intelligence