UKRAINE: UPDATE: “Putin will defeat himself” narrative, Afghanistan, no-fly zone, Zelensky, Azov Battalion

SUNDAY 6 MARCH 2022 MSNBC Commentator talking about Putin: “He’s made a mistake.”  (Note: This is part of the “Putin will defeat himself” narrative.  Ergo, we don’t have to do anything.)  Velshi says: “This is going to be like Afghanistan.”  What Velshi means is that the Russians have involved themselves in a quagmire and thisContinue reading “UKRAINE: UPDATE: “Putin will defeat himself” narrative, Afghanistan, no-fly zone, Zelensky, Azov Battalion”

“Over-the-Horizon” Foreign Policy” Afghanistan

Pundit after pundit in the corporate media has given the U.S. military enormous credit for coming clean and admitting to the world that they made a “mistake” with the drone strike that killed 10 people in Afghanistan, including 7 children. It seems evident, however, that the military would have never admitted the tragic error hadContinue reading ““Over-the-Horizon” Foreign Policy” Afghanistan”


News Rundown The BBC is reporting that women staging a protest in Afghanistan were met with pepper spray by the authorities. They were demanding the right to work.  Taliban leaders have said that women will not be given senior roles in the new government (BBC 9/4/1). Fighting is still going on in the Panjshir ValleyContinue reading “NEWS RUNDOWN: WEDNESDAY 8 SEPTEMER 2021”

I Hope I’m Wrong: Afghanistan and biden

From an interview this morning with Leon Panetta, it seems likely that members of the corporate Democratic Party elite are advising Joe Biden to come out and take responsibility for the decision to precipitously withdraw from Afghanistan, and to admit that it was a mistake. It has been reported that when Joe Biden was ViceContinue reading “I Hope I’m Wrong: Afghanistan and biden”

“it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan

During the past few weeks the corporate news media has been studiously ignoring the disastrous military and humanitarian crisis shaping up in Afghanistan.  They have been doing so, I think, because the crisis makes Biden look feckless, ruthless, and incompetent.  For so long, there was almost nothing on the corporate news, but every day itContinue reading ““it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan”


While corporate media pundits spend time interviewing each other about interviews they have done ( Lemon interviewing Tapper about his interview with Biden, dogs sniffing assholes)  and touting their books (Maddow and Scarborough), Trump has dangerously upped the ante in the crime spree that has been the Trump/Republican administration.  They are stealing billions from theContinue reading “THE DEVIL HIMSELF: ERIK PRINCE”