BOOK: Death in Mud Lick. Corporate Crime, Greed and Destruction

Review of Death in Mud Lick Dwight Garner, “How Painkiller Pushers Took over Coal Country.” nyt Eric Eyre, the reporter who wrote this book, won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting in 2017.  One of the important things he did was to expose, for the first time, in exact numbers, opioid shipments to West Virginia. Continue reading “BOOK: Death in Mud Lick. Corporate Crime, Greed and Destruction”

Burning Books: We Won’t Have To

My partner woke up in the middle of the night last night worrying about the Coronavirus.  He wasn’t worried about catching it, me catching it, or buying toilet paper.  He was worried about books. “All the books are going to be online.”  He said to me this morning as we were lying in bed, proppedContinue reading “Burning Books: We Won’t Have To”

Essential Reading: Cheating Justice

  Reviewer of Cheating Justice: “…no one in our government has the backbone or balls to do the right thing.” Not then, and not now. Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t remember this book getting a lot of play in 2013. It should have. And, it should be getting a lot of play nowContinue reading “Essential Reading: Cheating Justice”

Elizabeth Holtzman Deserves an Interview about her 2012 book “Cheating Justice.”

“Have we celebrated 220 years of our Constitution to reach a point where, like a banana republic, our highest elected leaders can engage in crimes of illegal surveillance, lying to take the nation into war, torture, disappearance and degradation with impunity?” (xi)