MONDAY 4 APRIL 2022, 8:30 MSNBC: Chris Hayes Vindman:  Three should have been a greater press to avoid this war because we knew the kind of barbarism that we would see.  We must help Ukraine end this war.  These types of incidents are going to increase as Russia gets frustrated.  We need to give themContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE”

A breath of fresh air, a democrat tells the truth about christopher wray, fbi

Blog: Christopher Wray For reasons inexplicable to me, the corporate media has always tried to make a hero out of Christopher Wray.  Most of the Democratic establishment has refused to criticize him and Biden has decided to allow him to remain as FBI Director. But, in a giant departure from the way Wray is talkedContinue reading “A breath of fresh air, a democrat tells the truth about christopher wray, fbi”

it ain’t over by a long shot, chris hayes, voter suppression and arizona

147 Republican members of Congress voted against seating Joe Biden’s electors.  They voted against accepting the votes of the people based on no evidence that there was a significant problem with the voting system.  These members didn’t win, but that’s how they voted.  There are not 147 Trumps.  These people are Republicans who do notContinue reading “it ain’t over by a long shot, chris hayes, voter suppression and arizona”

putting together the pieces: reality winner, chris hayes podcast

If you are new to the Reality Winner story, this is an excellent place to begin. There are a number of things I disagree with in this podcast, especially the assumptions and analysis of Chris Hayes at certain points, but it is well worth listen to.

Epstein and MSNBC

Cornell Belcher, former Obama pollster and part of the corporate Democratic elite, tells progressives to “Shut the hell up and grow up.” Silence your criticisms of Biden, Belcher chides, and “fall in line.”  Make no mistake, that is their attitude to all progressives.  Obama and his administration purposefully squelched progressive participation in his administration.  ObamaContinue reading “Epstein and MSNBC”

Normalizing Genocide: The Corporate Media

Afternoon Notes: The Media I still can’t believe that we have allowed a moron to displace 100,000 people and provoke what Richard Engels calls “ethnic cleansing” and corporate news commentators continue to laugh and joke and normalize the political situation. I like Chris Hayes. I was delighted to see him come from the Nation MagazineContinue reading “Normalizing Genocide: The Corporate Media”