MONDAY 11 APRIL 2022, 6:30 pm CNN New general,  Alexander Dvornikov “butcher of Syria” has a reputation for ignoring civilian populations.  Appointed to direct all Russian operations.  The Syrian military was not doing well, Russians intervened and bombed Aleppo.  Dvornikov was also in Chechen.  Clapper (CIA): He (Dvornikov) is not operating in a friendly environment. Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE:”

Stealing the Election: Behind our Backs and in front of our faces

It is tempting to think that authoritarian governments come to power through sudden and dramatic coups, but often they do not.  Instead, they come to power through a creeping co-opting of authority.  This is the preferred method, the most successful method of taking control.  A sudden, dramatic take-over of a society provokes resistance.  Sliding theContinue reading “Stealing the Election: Behind our Backs and in front of our faces”

Saturday Morning Articles

SATURDAY MORNING ARTICLE RUN DOWN   USAID plans for coup in Nicaragua   Biden is putting us in bed with the likes of Anna Navarro   Trump puts Criminal Elliott Abrams Representative in Iran   Victims in Epstein Case Get Second Attempt   Don MaGahn