Defense Strategy: Gough

15 November 2021 The State today called a witness from the State Crime Lab who testified to finding tee shirt fibers on the truck of William Bryan.  When the state asked about the ease with which fibers can be transferred from one surface to the other, Defense attorney Gough objected.  Gough, in his usual, “let’sContinue reading “Defense Strategy: Gough”

“And you took that as a green light.” Ahmaud Arbery case and Kevin Gough

Blog 11/12/21 At the end of the trial day yesterday, defense counsel Kevin Gough expressed his usual consternation on finding out that Al Sharpton had been sitting in the courtroom in the Ahmaud Arbery trial. Gough, in typical fashion he has displayed throughout the trial, popped off and tried to make an enormous issue outContinue reading ““And you took that as a green light.” Ahmaud Arbery case and Kevin Gough”

It was Greg McMichael Who Controlled the Crime Scene

Greg McMichael was all over that crime scene. Immediately after the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in the street in Glynn County Georgia by Gregory Michael and his son Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael (a former police investigator) took over the crime scene investigation.  There is little evidence that the police officers who arrived at the sceneContinue reading “It was Greg McMichael Who Controlled the Crime Scene”

Ahmaud Arbery: Opening Statements

9:45 AM Blog #2 Last night, Joy Reid talked with Paul Butler about what happens in case like this when you have only a small number of African Americans on the jury.  Usually, the defendant is acquitted.  They talked about the Zimmerman case. It is a travesty that there is only one black person onContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery: Opening Statements”

Contentious Morning in Ahmaud Arbery Case. Use of Force Expert

A number of motions were taken up this morning in the Ahmaud Arbery case.  The first was over whether the Defense could call a “use of force” expert to testify about the training supposedly received by Travis and Gregory McMichael. The state pointed out that none of the people involved in the shotting were lawContinue reading “Contentious Morning in Ahmaud Arbery Case. Use of Force Expert”

Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection

Defense Attorney, Kevin Gough Blog Ahmaud Arbery 11/1/21 There are several blog posts that need to be written about Kevin Gough, the defense attorney for William Bryan.  Bryan is the man who joined in the chase of Ahmaud Arbery, tried to pin Arbery in with his (Bryan’s) truck, and actually at one point hit ArberyContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection”

Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection Notes

Defense attorneys wanted to prevent the media from having access to the answers of potential jurors during the jury selection process. Since members of the public not involved in the case are not allowed in the courtroom, this essentially would prevent the public from knowing about the jury selection process. The judge “compromised” by allowingContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection Notes”

Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection

Ahmaud Arbery Case: Day 2 Blog #6 Jury Selection It was reported that the Court in Brunswick, Georgia was going to go into the night selecting jurors, but instead the court stopped jury selection around 6 PM.  Today, jury selection continues with general questioning by the Prosecutor, Dunikoski.  Dunikoski and the other prosecutors on theContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection”

Updates on the Arbery Trial: Vanity Plates and Jailhouse Conversations

Blog #4: Ahmaud Arbery: Updates Updates on the trial of the men who killed Ahmaud Arbery. The judge in the Ahmaud Arbery murder case has ruled that recordings made of jailhouse phone calls of the three white men who chased Arbery down and killed him in the street, will not be excluded in the trial. Continue reading “Updates on the Arbery Trial: Vanity Plates and Jailhouse Conversations”