Podcast: Ukraine World

If you are at all interested in the build up of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine, you should listen to the podcast “Ukraine World.”  It is by far the most intelligent discussion of the situation. The following are notes from several of the Ukraine World podcasts. Ukrainian president Zelensky came to office arguingContinue reading “Podcast: Ukraine World”


Colombia •       There are violent riots in Colombia brought about partly because of a proposed tax hike.  •       It is estimated that 45% of the people in the country are living in poverty.  There are high levels of unemployment. •       Due to the protests, the proposed tax hike has been withdrawn, but that hasn’t beenContinue reading “colombia”

the “elite industrial complex” at work

What Elie Mystal calls the “elite industrial complex” has already started, before the election(which the Democrats are convinced they are going to win) to make the case for allowing Trump and the Republican crime family escape accountability for all the crimes they have committed not least of which is an attempt to subvert democracy andContinue reading “the “elite industrial complex” at work”

stealing our democracy by don siegelman

Thursday Morning Notes: Capitalism, Republicans, Elections, Corruption, Biden, Delusion

Morning Musings: The Trump pressers and the now daily appearances are humiliation sessions. Trump regularly demeans and silences the voices of reporters and this morning, a nurse who has first hand experience working with the Coronavirus.  This is what authoritarian governments do, normalize the silencing of dissent.  Every time Trump silences, demeans, and both demandsContinue reading “Thursday Morning Notes: Capitalism, Republicans, Elections, Corruption, Biden, Delusion”

Interview with Sarah Kenzior: Hiding in Plain Sight

Deep State Radio Podcast https://thedsrnetwork.com/ 5/5/20 Interview with Sarah Kenzior about her new book “Hiding in Plain Sight.” Notes from the interview: The Mueller investigation was deeply problematic in that Mueller completely avoided investigating Trump’s finances and the close connection with the Russian Mafia. Mueller also refused to indict or even interview key people likeContinue reading “Interview with Sarah Kenzior: Hiding in Plain Sight”

Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast

As the corporate media becomes more and more useless in covering the Trump/Republican administration and the coronavirus crisis, we must seek alternative sources of news. Try the “Trump Watch” Podcast. In the April 16 episode, they do an interview with John Nichols from the Nation Magazine about the attempt by the Republicans to control votingContinue reading “Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast”

Burning Books: We Won’t Have To

My partner woke up in the middle of the night last night worrying about the Coronavirus.  He wasn’t worried about catching it, me catching it, or buying toilet paper.  He was worried about books. “All the books are going to be online.”  He said to me this morning as we were lying in bed, proppedContinue reading “Burning Books: We Won’t Have To”

Barr Auditioned to do Exactly What He is Doing. He Won’t Resign

Bill Barr wrote a letter to the Trump administration auditioning for the job of Attorney General.  Barr decided at some point that Trump could be used to usher in an age of quasi-religious authoritarian government in the United States that people like him have been working to bring about for decades.  He sees himself asContinue reading “Barr Auditioned to do Exactly What He is Doing. He Won’t Resign”