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Economic rape and the republicans

  • The Republicans are turning a massive failure of infrastructure and privatization in Texas into a condemnation of renewable energy.  Even the Governor of the State is on national television spewing lies and disinformation. 
  • Gov. Greg Abbott, on Fox News, said that the problem was caused by renewable energy systems.
  • Officials were told in 2011 that they needed to winterize the Texas system.  But, the State of Texas didn’t make that winterization and other changes obligatory.  Because the grid is operated by private companies, allowed to make as much profit as they can, the State failed to winterize and now we are watching people lose their lives.
  • Message #1: Don’t elect people to run government that don’t believe in government.
  • Message #2: Capitalism is going to kill us.
  • Message #3: We are living in a failed state. 

Chernobyl: Documentary on Link TV “There is no safe Nuclear Power.”

Chernobyl - The Aftermath



This documentary details the effects of the Chernobyl disaster locally.  Unsafe nuclear reactors still operate.  Tourists called “stalkers” pay money to be sneaked into the most unsafe areas for a thrill.  Some people from small villages have moved back to contaminated areas.  There has been a rise in tourism to this area because of the HBO series.