executions, impeachment, Geraldo, kemp, Republican attorneys general

The federal government has executed the first woman in almost 70 years.  The woman had a history of mental illness and sexual abuse and sex trafficking in her childhood.  The ACLU had appealed to the federal government to halt scheduled executions. Liz Cheney has said yes to impeachment. Trump, yesterday called for unity and calmContinue reading “executions, impeachment, Geraldo, kemp, Republican attorneys general”

What Could Go Wrong?

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, has crafted and circulated to legislators a new “anti-mob” piece of legislation.  This legislation is an expansion of Florida’s “stand your ground” law.  The law would: allow armed citizens to shoot suspected looters or anyone engaged in “criminal mischief” that disrupts a business; allow vigilantes to justify violent actions against protesters;Continue reading “What Could Go Wrong?”

Stealing the election one lawsuit at the time

“…the Trump campaign, the Republican Party and their judicial allies are not worrying about the Constitution. They are in full burn-it-down, win-at-any-cost mode.”  The Nation, John Nichols https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/wisconsin-court-voter-suppression/ Even though the corporate media seems drawn to the notion of Trump refusing to leave the White House after a massive win by Biden, there is anotherContinue reading “Stealing the election one lawsuit at the time”

The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election

The New York Times yesterday published an article about Biden’s “war room,” a “major new legal operation” to deal with election protection.  Staffed with hundreds of lawyers and big names like Eric Holder, we are led to believe that the Biden campaign will, unlike campaigns before it (Clinton and Kerry, for example) be prepared toContinue reading “The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election”