Proof of Collusion: Seth Abramson

All you have to do is read this book to see how Robert Mueller was either a Chickenshit (See book by Eisinger) or part of the project to cover up the Trump/Russia collusion.  Neither alternative is a good one.

Afternoon Notes: Epstein, the House Intelligence Committee Report, MSNBC,Ukraine

  House Intelligence Committee Report The House Intelligence Committee has released their preliminary impeachment report. Included are phone records that document phone calls between Giuliani and OMB, made from the White House.  This makes it impossible to maintain the fiction that Giuliani was conducting a “rogue operation.” Epstein Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told The MiamiContinue reading “Afternoon Notes: Epstein, the House Intelligence Committee Report, MSNBC,Ukraine”

Syria: U. S. Forces “fell under artillery fire.”

Newsweek is reporting that U.S. special forces near Kobani “fell under artillery fire” from Turkish forces. Pentagon officials commented that the Turkish forces should be aware of U.S. positions “down to the grid.”    

Who Are the Kurds?

  Based on BBC News, 10/9/19 “Who Are the Kurds.” After WWI the Western allies made a provision for a Kurdish state. Treaty of Lausanne set the boundaries of modern Turkey and made no provision for a Kurdish state.  This left Kurds in a minority status in their respective countries. Any time the Kurds triedContinue reading “Who Are the Kurds?”