Essential Reading: Cheating Justice

  Reviewer of Cheating Justice: “…no one in our government has the backbone or balls to do the right thing.” Not then, and not now. Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t remember this book getting a lot of play in 2013. It should have. And, it should be getting a lot of play nowContinue reading “Essential Reading: Cheating Justice”

They Were Chosen Because They Were Sleaze

One of the main reasons we are in such a disastrous position politically in this country is the corporate media.  The corporate media gave Trump tens of millions of dollars of free airtime in the 2016 election, did not cover (and have still not adequately covered) Trump’s extensive criminal financial background and associations, and continuesContinue reading “They Were Chosen Because They Were Sleaze”

Elizabeth Holtzman Deserves an Interview about her 2012 book “Cheating Justice.”

“Have we celebrated 220 years of our Constitution to reach a point where, like a banana republic, our highest elected leaders can engage in crimes of illegal surveillance, lying to take the nation into war, torture, disappearance and degradation with impunity?” (xi)