Ukraine Update: 2:00 PM

Monday 28 February 2022 There are a lot of pledges but how long will it take for the Ukrainians to actually receive this aid. Jonathan Lemiire, MSNBC, making the point that it is difficult to get weapons into Ukraine now.  That is why Zelensky was arguing for doing this arming and sanctioning before the invasion.Continue reading “Ukraine Update: 2:00 PM”

“We’ll be back…” Benjamin Netanyahu

For many people, having Netanyahu out of power was a relief.  In fact, there were those who worried that (like Trump) Netanyahu would refuse to relinquish power even though he was defeated in a national election.  But, Netanhahu’s replacement (at least for the time being), Bennett, is not much better. According to Sarah Kenzior atContinue reading ““We’ll be back…” Benjamin Netanyahu”

Don’t bother, you don’t need to know. After all, it’s uncle joe

ISRAEL The Biden administration is taking on the same elitist “we’ll handle this you don’t need to bother” attitude that characterized the Obama administration.  And, the result will probably be the same.  When there was clear evidence that the Russians had hacked into the election infrastructure in 2016, Obama, fearful of appearing partisan, refused toContinue reading “Don’t bother, you don’t need to know. After all, it’s uncle joe”

Elliott Abrams Should be in Prison. A New Low for the Trump Administration. The Criminal Mind

This is a good summary of some of the reasons Elliott Abrams should be in prison: Common Dreams, August 6, 2020 Abrams’ resume includes: In the 1980s, he defended the infamous Guatemalan General Efraín Ríos Montt, whose violent crackdown on the indigenous Ixil Mayan people of Guatemala was so brutal that it was classified asContinue reading “Elliott Abrams Should be in Prison. A New Low for the Trump Administration. The Criminal Mind”

Maxwell, Epstein and Political Context

There are two documentaries out about Jeffrey Epstein.  One, “Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?” is part of a series by Investigation Discovery.  The other is a Netflix release “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” based on a book by James Patterson. But, as Elizabeth Vos points out in an article in the Consortium News (6/18/20), neither covers Epstein’sContinue reading “Maxwell, Epstein and Political Context”

Alternative Podcasts: Sheer Intelligence

Robert Scheer interviews Max Blumenthal about the “lesser of two evils” approach centrists in the Democratic Party have been pushing for decades. The Clinton Machine Will Do Anything to Stop Bernie NOTES: