Podcast: Broken Jeffrey Epstein

Podcast: Broken Jeffrey Epstein This is a fascinating and heartbreaking podcast about two of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s victims.  The choice of these two victims in particular illustrates the class nature of the exploitation. The stories also illustrate another crucial point about the media coverage of the Epstein case.  Journalists are presenting the Epstein/MaxwellContinue reading “Podcast: Broken Jeffrey Epstein”

Julie Brown and the Epstein Case

This is a podcast well worth listening to. Broken: Jeffrey Epstein Season 1 Episode 5 “An Outsider’s Way In.” Broken: Jeffrey Epstein This is a fascinating story about the reporter Julie Brown and her history of digging in the Epstein case.  It makes an important point about journalism.  Brown’s history was much like that ofContinue reading “Julie Brown and the Epstein Case”

Maxwell, Epstein and Political Context

There are two documentaries out about Jeffrey Epstein.  One, “Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?” is part of a series by Investigation Discovery.  The other is a Netflix release “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” based on a book by James Patterson. But, as Elizabeth Vos points out in an article in the Consortium News (6/18/20), neither covers Epstein’sContinue reading “Maxwell, Epstein and Political Context”

Epstein and MSNBC

Cornell Belcher, former Obama pollster and part of the corporate Democratic elite, tells progressives to “Shut the hell up and grow up.” Silence your criticisms of Biden, Belcher chides, and “fall in line.”  Make no mistake, that is their attitude to all progressives.  Obama and his administration purposefully squelched progressive participation in his administration.  ObamaContinue reading “Epstein and MSNBC”