michael lewis’ “the premonition.”

Michal Lewis’ new book “The Premonition” couldn’t be more newsworthy.  Through the stories of three individuals who worked in the public health system, Lewis makes plain just how we ended up with a dysfunctional CDC at a time of a global pandemic. In an interview with Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC (5/12/21) Lewis notes that weContinue reading “michael lewis’ “the premonition.””

amanpour interview with michael lewis about his new book

Christina Amanpour interviews author Michael Lewis May 6, 2021 about his new book “The Premonition.”  In his book, Michael Lewis followed three characters involved in the public health system and tells their stories.  The stories carry lessons for pandemic response in the past and the future. As Amanpour notes, Lewis had already written about theContinue reading “amanpour interview with michael lewis about his new book”