What Happened to the Democratic Party

For those of you interested in why some of us are so reluctant to jump on the Joe Biden bandwagon, please take the time to listen to this podcast. http://pitchforkeconomics.com/episode/how-neoliberalism-captured-democrats-with-james-kwak/

Disaster Economics: Part 2

Notes from the podcast Pitchcock Economics   “Disaster Economics” 23 March 2020 This crisis brings into focus the damage of forty years of neo-liberal politics. These policies have been corrosive. The effect of a crisis reveals how well the society was prepared in the first place. If, when a hurricane is coming, the society livedContinue reading “Disaster Economics: Part 2”

Disaster Economics: Part 1

The more useless the corporate news media becomes, the more essential it is to find good, informative podcasts. Today, I listened to a podcast from Pitchfork Economics called “Disaster Economics.”  It’s worth 100 hours of listening to the gossip of Nicolle Wallace, the geek coronavirus obsession of Rachael Maddow, or the endless inspirational anecdotes ofContinue reading “Disaster Economics: Part 1”

Alternative Podcasts: Sheer Intelligence

Robert Scheer interviews Max Blumenthal about the “lesser of two evils” approach centrists in the Democratic Party have been pushing for decades. The Clinton Machine Will Do Anything to Stop Bernie https://www.kcrw.com/culture/shows/scheer-intelligence/the-clinton-machine-will-do-anything-to-stop-bernie NOTES: