michael lewis’ “the premonition.”

Michal Lewis’ new book “The Premonition” couldn’t be more newsworthy.  Through the stories of three individuals who worked in the public health system, Lewis makes plain just how we ended up with a dysfunctional CDC at a time of a global pandemic. In an interview with Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC (5/12/21) Lewis notes that weContinue reading “michael lewis’ “the premonition.””

putting “profit before candor.” Freespeech TV

The corporate news media is a vast wasteland, a mental fidget-spinner of trite nonsense.  It’s purpose, as far as I can tell, is to keep the lid on, to convince the population that the “institutions are holding,” and to stupify the public into believing that nothing is really wrong.  There is the endlessly repeated both-sidesismContinue reading “putting “profit before candor.” Freespeech TV”

no federal pandamic plan, mcconnell packing the courts and other morning delights

MORNING RUNDOWN •       At the beginning of the pandemic, because of the total lack of a federal plan to deal with the problem, New York spent $1.1 billion for supplies to deal with the crisis.  According to the New York Times (NYT) Both the state and city governments entered into contracts rushing to try toContinue reading “no federal pandamic plan, mcconnell packing the courts and other morning delights”

Flailing States: Reaction to the Pandemic: Pankaj Mishra

Pankaj Mishra · Flailing States: Anglo-America Loses its Grip · London Review of Books, 16 July 2020 ‘The abyss of history​ is deep enough to hold us all,’ Paul Valéry wrote in 1919, as Europe lay in ruins. The words resonate today as the coronavirus blows the roof off the world, most brutally exposing BritainContinue reading “Flailing States: Reaction to the Pandemic: Pankaj Mishra”

The Corporate Media: Who Knew? Why Didn’t Hillary Clinton Warn us While We Were Partying with Trump?

From Cat Woman on Democraticunderground.com: Astonished by a president who has deliberately made every wrong move when faced with a crippling pandemic, and who refuses to change course as the carnage mounts, media players continue to express shock at Trump’s behavior. Insisting it was impossible to tell in 2016 that Trump’s irrational and erratic behaviorContinue reading “The Corporate Media: Who Knew? Why Didn’t Hillary Clinton Warn us While We Were Partying with Trump?”

Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast

As the corporate media becomes more and more useless in covering the Trump/Republican administration and the coronavirus crisis, we must seek alternative sources of news. Try the “Trump Watch” Podcast. In the April 16 episode, they do an interview with John Nichols from the Nation Magazine about the attempt by the Republicans to control votingContinue reading “Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast”

“…companies with political connections…”

THE BIGGEST CLASS THEFT IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY The New York Times is reporting today that a doctor, Dr. Rick Bright , who was Director of the Department of Health and Human Services Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, was removed from his positionContinue reading ““…companies with political connections…””

Head-on conflict with the self-interest of concentrated private capital

The corporate media is a complete waste of time.  They failed us in 2016 and they are spectacularly failing us now.  We must turn to other news sources.  These are excerpts from The Nation Magazine. Grey, Rohan, Nation Manazine, April 20/27 2020). Biden indicated that as president, he would veto Medicare for All legislation becauseContinue reading “Head-on conflict with the self-interest of concentrated private capital”