SATURDAY 14 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: PODCAST Anyone seriously interested in the implications of and the events around the war against Ukraine, must seek out the various excellent podcasts on the subject.  The corporate news is hopeless as a source of information and is by and large a waste of time.  Coverage of the warContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: PODCAST”


The Telegraph: Ukraine The Latest NPR State o Ukraine BBC Ukraine Cast CBS Intelligence Matters Modern War Institute Ukraine World Euromaidan Press Eastern Border Intelligence – The Economist War on the Rocks Pod Save the World Deep State Radio OSINT Bunker In Moscow’s Shadow Kremlin File Ukraine without Hype Black Diplomat Ukraine War Diaries SkulduggeryContinue reading “PODCASTS ABOUT UKRAINE”


The corporate media has become such a vast wasteland it is impossible to watch. If you just lump together the nightly news on MSNBC alone, it is a collection of celebrity worship, quoting of rap lyrics as if they were great literature, political gossip, endless discussions of things that MIGHT happen on Capital Hill. AddedContinue reading “ESSENTIAL PODCASTS: CORPORATE MEDIA IS A WASTE OF TIME: A discussion of cults”

putting “profit before candor.” Freespeech TV

The corporate news media is a vast wasteland, a mental fidget-spinner of trite nonsense.  It’s purpose, as far as I can tell, is to keep the lid on, to convince the population that the “institutions are holding,” and to stupify the public into believing that nothing is really wrong.  There is the endlessly repeated both-sidesismContinue reading “putting “profit before candor.” Freespeech TV”

essential podcasts: majority report interview with jared yates sexton

This is by far the best podcast out there. I know the corporate media is seductive, but your time would be better spent giving this a listen. Sam Seder puts together some of the most interesting and pertinent interviews available. Sam Seder interviews Jared Yates Sexton From the Majority Report Website: “Sam hosts writerContinue reading “essential podcasts: majority report interview with jared yates sexton”

Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast

As the corporate media becomes more and more useless in covering the Trump/Republican administration and the coronavirus crisis, we must seek alternative sources of news. Try the “Trump Watch” Podcast. In the April 16 episode, they do an interview with John Nichols from the Nation Magazine about the attempt by the Republicans to control votingContinue reading “Alternative Media: Trump Watch Podcast”