Ukraine: Zelensky Interview, Round-up from Ukrainian Twitter

Zelensky traveled to Munich to shore up relationships with the western leaders.  In an impressive interview with Christaine Amapour, Zelensky made the following points: •           If the West is so sure Putin is going to invade, why not implement sanctions now? •           The West will not even provide a detailed list of sanctions. •           WhatContinue reading “Ukraine: Zelensky Interview, Round-up from Ukrainian Twitter”

essential podcasts: majority report interview with jared yates sexton

This is by far the best podcast out there. I know the corporate media is seductive, but your time would be better spent giving this a listen. Sam Seder puts together some of the most interesting and pertinent interviews available. Sam Seder interviews Jared Yates Sexton From the Majority Report Website: “Sam hosts writerContinue reading “essential podcasts: majority report interview with jared yates sexton”

The majority report: stuart stevens, they still don’t get it. If you really want to learn something about politics and the coming “election,” I suggest you start listening to podcasts. The corporate media is useless. They are intellectually masturbating on top of a pile of verbal garbage waiting to catch fire. This is a particularly fascinating episode of the Majority Report, where Sam SederContinue reading “The majority report: stuart stevens, they still don’t get it.”

Authoritarianism: Anonymous Police and the Elimination of Expertise

The Slouch Toward Authoritarianism Armed federal agents, dressed in combat gear, have been sent into the streets of Portland, Oregon against the wishes of local authorities.  These agents display no identifying information and are taking citizens off the streets in unmarked cars to undisclosed locations.  The agents are reporting to the Department of Homeland Security.Continue reading “Authoritarianism: Anonymous Police and the Elimination of Expertise”

Podcast: Scheer Intelligence

Listen to what Dennis Kucinich has to say about the “soul of the Democratic Party.” In this podcast by journalist Robert Scheer, Kucinich and Scheer talk about: -whether the Democratic Party has a soul.  Kucinich says he’s not sure that it does anymore -Clinton, as a public official, supporting interventionism and regime change. -the ClintonContinue reading “Podcast: Scheer Intelligence”

Scheer Intelligence Podcast: The Housing Crisis, the Real Culprits (More of Them) Clinton, Bush, Obama Review of Home Wreckers      

Morning Impeachment Thoughts: Feckless Democrats, Moral Outrage, Raising Money

Morning Impeachment Thoughts I am obviously not a member of congress. Nor am I an expert on Congressional rules, but I think this impeachment debate is a terrible showing for the Democrats. The Republicans are giving impassioned speeches. Democrats are reading scripted statements.  I really don’t know what they are thinking. Every event in thisContinue reading “Morning Impeachment Thoughts: Feckless Democrats, Moral Outrage, Raising Money”