This is a video of the cars parked along HWY 17 in Brunswick , Georgia.  These brave people gathered to protest the government inaction in the case of the killing of Ahmaud Aubrey.  These people gathered in front of the house of Gregory McMichael who along with his son armed himself and pursued Aubrey throughContinue reading “GEORGIA KILLING: Aubrey”

Something is Different: Fight or Get Out of the Way

Rachael Maddow said tonight that she feels there is something different going on; that a corner has been turned.  I feel the same way although I can’t explain why.   I have watched many Trump rallies, all the way through and taken notes, but tonight, I watched a murderous thug of a moron scream liesContinue reading “Something is Different: Fight or Get Out of the Way”

Peaceful Protest

Mother Jones Republicans All Over the Country Are Pushing These Anti-Protest Bills to Silence Peaceful Dissent The proposals could criminalize the non-violent demonstrations that have grown since Trump was elected. By Inae Oh | Mon Mar. 6, 2017 10:51 AM EST As citizens unhappy about the Trump administration look to build on the momentum ofContinue reading “Peaceful Protest”