The state of Georgia sent a memo today to all County Registrars. In this memo, headed “Be wary of false and misleading information re: ICX update” the State of Georgia accused attorneys involved in litigation of “false and misleading allegations.” The memo, which is in tone and content, completely unprofessional, Chris Harvey, Elections Division warnsContinue reading “STEALING THE ELECTION: GEORGIA”

stealing the election: georgia problems with the $104 million dollar voting system

Court Hearing: Georgia In a hearing conducted this morning in federal court in Georgia, the Secretary of State’s (SOS’s) office and the Coalition for Good Governance (CFGG) sparred over errors already found in the new $104 million (at least) electronic voting machine system Brian Kemp’s government bought and paid for with taxpayer money. On Friday,Continue reading “stealing the election: georgia problems with the $104 million dollar voting system”

Stealing the election one lawsuit at the time

“…the Trump campaign, the Republican Party and their judicial allies are not worrying about the Constitution. They are in full burn-it-down, win-at-any-cost mode.”  The Nation, John Nichols Even though the corporate media seems drawn to the notion of Trump refusing to leave the White House after a massive win by Biden, there is anotherContinue reading “Stealing the election one lawsuit at the time”