executions, impeachment, Geraldo, kemp, Republican attorneys general

The federal government has executed the first woman in almost 70 years.  The woman had a history of mental illness and sexual abuse and sex trafficking in her childhood.  The ACLU had appealed to the federal government to halt scheduled executions. Liz Cheney has said yes to impeachment. Trump, yesterday called for unity and calmContinue reading “executions, impeachment, Geraldo, kemp, Republican attorneys general”

Maxwell, Epstein and Political Context

There are two documentaries out about Jeffrey Epstein.  One, “Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?” is part of a series by Investigation Discovery.  The other is a Netflix release “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” based on a book by James Patterson. But, as Elizabeth Vos points out in an article in the Consortium News (6/18/20), neither covers Epstein’sContinue reading “Maxwell, Epstein and Political Context”