Del Rio Refugees

FRIDAY 24 SEPTEMBER A number of people on Twitter have been asking why refugees are congregating at Del Rio, Texas and why most of them are Haitians.  From available sources, this is the best I can do. The Border A large number of the people congregated at the border around Del Rio, Texas are Haitan. Continue reading “Del Rio Refugees”

“We’ll be fine”

TODAY: Afghanistan has evidently disappeared since Biden and the corporate democrats have declared the war over and the operation a “success.”  Now, the corporate media evidently intends show hundreds of hours of disaster coverage.  Fortunately, there is a hurricane that can be used as an excuse for doing any real investigative reporting.  The disaster coverageContinue reading ““We’ll be fine””

Economic rape and the republicans

The Republicans are turning a massive failure of infrastructure and privatization in Texas into a condemnation of renewable energy.  Even the Governor of the State is on national television spewing lies and disinformation.  Gov. Greg Abbott, on Fox News, said that the problem was caused by renewable energy systems. Officials were told in 2011 thatContinue reading “Economic rape and the republicans”

Where we are and how we got there. Corrupt AGs, Anti-democratic DNC

Under the category of “Where we are” The Attorney General of Texas was awaiting trial on securities fraud charges when he actively lobbied Donald Trump for a pardon.  How can a man who has been charged with securities fraud and who used the powers of the office of the Attorney General to harass the enemiesContinue reading “Where we are and how we got there. Corrupt AGs, Anti-democratic DNC”


Essential Podcasts: Deconstructed (Episode 11/6/20) Mike Siegel, progressive candidate for the House in Texas is interviewed by Deconstructed. The district Siegel ran in was drawn to be permanently Republican through gerrymandering.   According to Siegel, the Democratic Party has a narrow range of issues it “recommends” their candidates run on.  The Party does the research, theContinue reading “ESSENTIAL PODCAST: DECONSTRUCTED INTERVIEW WITH PROGRESSIVE MIKE SIEGEL”

We don’t need voluntary capitulation

Tuesday 3 November 2020 Even though a Texas Judge ruled that Republicans who sought to throw out 127,000 ballots cast in drive-thru locations in Harris County, Texas did not have standing, Harris County decided to close down most of its drive-thru voting locations overnight.  Why?  The judge in the case, Andrew Hanen, found it necessaryContinue reading “We don’t need voluntary capitulation”

Stealing the election: Just today

The Head Fake Trump in a news conference (or whatever that things is he does when he comes out and lies for an extended period of time) is preparing the population for a “disaster” on election day.  He keeps repeating the scenario and thereby painting the picture for his supporters of total confusion.  Today heContinue reading “Stealing the election: Just today”

Stealing the election one lawsuit at the time

“…the Trump campaign, the Republican Party and their judicial allies are not worrying about the Constitution. They are in full burn-it-down, win-at-any-cost mode.”  The Nation, John Nichols Even though the corporate media seems drawn to the notion of Trump refusing to leave the White House after a massive win by Biden, there is anotherContinue reading “Stealing the election one lawsuit at the time”