It Astounds and Depresses Me: Ahmaud Arbery

I have spent two weeks watching every minute of the trial of the men who hunted down Ahmaud Arbery and killed him in the street. I am reminded of something my mother said about the O.J. Simpson trial.  After watching for a week or so, she phoned me and said: “I think they should putContinue reading “It Astounds and Depresses Me: Ahmaud Arbery”

It was Greg McMichael Who Controlled the Crime Scene

Greg McMichael was all over that crime scene. Immediately after the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in the street in Glynn County Georgia by Gregory Michael and his son Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael (a former police investigator) took over the crime scene investigation.  There is little evidence that the police officers who arrived at the sceneContinue reading “It was Greg McMichael Who Controlled the Crime Scene”

Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection

Brunswick, Georgia Wednesday, 10/20/21 Already, on day three, I have a lot of questions about the way in which the Ahmaud Arbery case is being tried.    If my understanding is correct, no members of the public are allowed to attend the trial.  Only people involved with the case are allowed in the courtroom.  ThisContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery: Jury Selection”

the buzz of white privilege: ahmaud arbery

AHMAUD ARBERY BLOG #3 On a Sunday afternoon, February 23, 2020, a retired police investigator, Greg McMichael, 64, sees a young black man, Ahmaud Arbery, 25, jogging down the street past McMichael’s house. As it has been described, McMichael goes on “high alert.”  He calls out to his son Travis McMichael who also lives inContinue reading “the buzz of white privilege: ahmaud arbery”