News Roundup Police On the internet: Video after video of police officers behaving abusively, escalating situations, cursing at people, threatening them, intimidating them, killing them, all over the country.  CNN has an expert on to explain that our brains work differently when we’re under stress.  The “stress professor” and the Vanderbilt guy both agreed thatContinue reading “MORNING NEWS RUNDOWN”

joe manchin’s West virginia

Chris Hedges interviews Eleanor Goldfield, director of the film, “Hard Road of Hope.” This is the state Joe (they don’t need any more money) Manchin represents. Notes: In the 2016 Democratic Primary, Bernie Sanders won all 55 countries in West Virginia.  In the general election, however, Trump took 68.5 percent of the vote . Continue reading “joe manchin’s West virginia”

Glenn greenwald interviewed by chris hedges: monday notes

I don’t pretend to fully understand the ideology of Chris Hedges or Glenn Greenwall, and there are important positions I disagree with them on.  But, I think they are important to at least listen to given the lack of criticism on the part of the corporate media for the Biden Administration.  CNN is doing aContinue reading “Glenn greenwald interviewed by chris hedges: monday notes”

Where we are and how we got there. Corrupt AGs, Anti-democratic DNC

Under the category of “Where we are” The Attorney General of Texas was awaiting trial on securities fraud charges when he actively lobbied Donald Trump for a pardon.  How can a man who has been charged with securities fraud and who used the powers of the office of the Attorney General to harass the enemiesContinue reading “Where we are and how we got there. Corrupt AGs, Anti-democratic DNC”

“everything toxic” Neera Tanden and Biden

Biden’s Choices Biden’s choice of Neera Tanden to head the Department of Management and Budget is yet another slap in the face of progressives and a further indication that progressives need to leave the Democratic Party. As Briahna Joy Gray, a former press secretary for Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, tweeted about the nomination:  “Everything toxicContinue reading ““everything toxic” Neera Tanden and Biden”

Latin America, the “Democratic” Party and Never-Trumpsters

There are three important stories in the news within the past week relating to Latin America. First, the Trump administration has appointed Elliott Abrams U.S. Special Representative for Iran.  For those of us who have been interested in Latin America for decades, Elliott Abrams is a criminal who is widely despised.  He should be inContinue reading “Latin America, the “Democratic” Party and Never-Trumpsters”

What Happened to the Democratic Party

For those of you interested in why some of us are so reluctant to jump on the Joe Biden bandwagon, please take the time to listen to this podcast.

Thursday Morning Notes: Capitalism, Republicans, Elections, Corruption, Biden, Delusion

Morning Musings: The Trump pressers and the now daily appearances are humiliation sessions. Trump regularly demeans and silences the voices of reporters and this morning, a nurse who has first hand experience working with the Coronavirus.  This is what authoritarian governments do, normalize the silencing of dissent.  Every time Trump silences, demeans, and both demandsContinue reading “Thursday Morning Notes: Capitalism, Republicans, Elections, Corruption, Biden, Delusion”

Head-on conflict with the self-interest of concentrated private capital

The corporate media is a complete waste of time.  They failed us in 2016 and they are spectacularly failing us now.  We must turn to other news sources.  These are excerpts from The Nation Magazine. Grey, Rohan, Nation Manazine, April 20/27 2020). Biden indicated that as president, he would veto Medicare for All legislation becauseContinue reading “Head-on conflict with the self-interest of concentrated private capital”