Gaslit Nation Podcast (7/19/22)

  • In this episode of Gaslit Nation, the podcast opened with a clip of a television interview Bernie Sanders did with some anchor.  She starts rabbiting on and he interrupts her to say what most other Democrats will not say, i.e., that Joe Manchin never intended to support the Biden Climate Plan and that Democrats have to stop talking to him like was serious.
  • Note: It amazes me how few Democrats there are who will actually tell the truth.  When CNN or MSNBC starts to interview a member of congress, I just fast-forward through the segment.  It is almost always a waste of time.  None of them (with a few exceptions) can even talk without sounding like a staff edited version of a focus group tested script. 
  • In this interview Sanders also pointed out the obvious (but again unsaid) fact that Manchin receives massive contributions from fossil fuel interests and from Republican billionaires. 
  • Note: Biden should make sure that the locks on Manchin’s office doors are changed, have his parking slot taken away, arrange for Machin’s wife to lose her cushy position, start telling people what Machin’s daughter does to make a living, take Manchin off all his committees, and primary him, for a start. 
  • Sanders reacted with the disdain that every Democrat should demonstrate when the host says that Manchin argues that he’s concerned about West Virginia.  “Really, reaalllllly,” Sanders says.  But most of the rest of the Democratic party is concerned about being nice.
  • Sanders continued that statements like the one made by Manchin were “…the same nonsense that Manchin has been talking about for years.”  West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the country.  “Ask the people of West Virginia.”  Sanders concluded.  “Manchin represents the wealthy not the working people of this country.”
  • Note: It is obvious why the Democratic Party would rather blow up the world rather than have a progressive like Bernie Sanders leading the party.
  • Gaslit Nation is a podcast about “rising autocracy around the world.”
  • Sarah Kenzior describes Merrick Garland is a “mafia state enabler.”
  •  And notes that this may be the last free election we have if the Republicans assume power.
  • She notes the North Carolina gerrymandering case to be decided by the Supreme Court next year.
  • Kenzior notes that Garland’s use of the Barr memo to restrict DOJ cases which might (in some conceivable world) appear “political,” is much like the OLC memo Mueller hid behind to keep from having to indict Trump for crimes he himself detailed in his report. 
  • Garland, she concluded, is taking his cues from Barr. 
  • Garland is labelled as an “institutionalist,” but the institution he is leading is rotted and corrupt and complicit.  It was so when Barr was AG at the end of the Bush administration. 

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