Federalist Society Justice: Chris Hedges Interviews Steven Donziger

If you want a glimpse of what the legal system is already looking like under the reign of the Republicans and the Federalist Society, listen to this podcast where Chris Hedges interviews Steven Donziger “the human rights environmental justice attorney, about the grim reality when we confront the real centers of power.Donziger has been fightingContinue reading “Federalist Society Justice: Chris Hedges Interviews Steven Donziger”

on point: podcast with renato Mariotti: matt Gaetz

Podcast “On Topic” Matt Gaetz (April 17, 2021) Notes on Interview with Renato Mariotti Gaetz is certainly a subject of the investigation. A target means that the prosecutor intends to indict. Being a subject is not something you should feel good about.  It means they’re trying to develop enough information to charge you. The defenseContinue reading “on point: podcast with renato Mariotti: matt Gaetz”

A breath of fresh air, a democrat tells the truth about christopher wray, fbi

Blog: Christopher Wray For reasons inexplicable to me, the corporate media has always tried to make a hero out of Christopher Wray.  Most of the Democratic establishment has refused to criticize him and Biden has decided to allow him to remain as FBI Director. But, in a giant departure from the way Wray is talkedContinue reading “A breath of fresh air, a democrat tells the truth about christopher wray, fbi”

boeing and the “chickenshit” justice department

TUESDAY 2 MARCH 2021 Justice under Capitalism Those relying on the U.S. justice system to hold the Trump administration accountable for the crime spree that was the past four years, need to consider the record of the Justice Department in prosecuting corporate and white collar criminals.  Let’s just start with one case. In January ofContinue reading “boeing and the “chickenshit” justice department”

scarborough, both sidesism, fbi, georgia is not a beacon of hope

Georgia is not a beacon of hope, it’s a disaster

Essential reading

Podcast of Preet Bharara Bharara is a former U.S. Attorney. In this episode, Bharara interviews Rachael Maddow about her book “Bagman.” Notes: Agnew was on the take in Maryland before he was chosen Vice President by Nixon. Nixon liked Agnew partly because he talked aggressively about race in his speeches and public appearances. Agnew wasContinue reading “Essential reading”


While corporate media pundits spend time interviewing each other about interviews they have done ( Lemon interviewing Tapper about his interview with Biden, dogs sniffing assholes)  and touting their books (Maddow and Scarborough), Trump has dangerously upped the ante in the crime spree that has been the Trump/Republican administration.  They are stealing billions from theContinue reading “THE DEVIL HIMSELF: ERIK PRINCE”

the “elite industrial complex” at work

What Elie Mystal calls the “elite industrial complex” has already started, before the election(which the Democrats are convinced they are going to win) to make the case for allowing Trump and the Republican crime family escape accountability for all the crimes they have committed not least of which is an attempt to subvert democracy andContinue reading “the “elite industrial complex” at work”


Just note the phrases of submission, of deliberate non-threatening language in the opening statement of ACB. The play here is: Look, this is a soft-spoken, non-threatening, non-intellectual mom, home, apple pie person. How could you be afraid of this? But, make no mistake about it, this woman is the handmaiden of oppression. Statement: “I thankContinue reading “OPENING SUBMISSIVE STATEMENT: AMY CONEY BARRETT: HANDMAIDEN OF OPPRESSION”

stealing our democracy by don siegelman