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Epstein and MSNBC

jeffrey epstein

  • Cornell Belcher, former Obama pollster and part of the corporate Democratic elite, tells progressives to “Shut the hell up and grow up.” Silence your criticisms of Biden, Belcher chides, and “fall in line.”  Make no mistake, that is their attitude to all progressives.  Obama and his administration purposefully squelched progressive participation in his administration.  Obama refused to prosecute members of the Bush administration who engineered and carried out torture.  He refused to prosecute those responsible for the 2008 crash.  Those two decisions helped get us where we are.  Biden will do the same.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell was finally arrested today. There are those who believe that Barr’s firing of Berman was to get more control over this investigation and prosecution.  I am not one of the people who find Berman’s behavior in this situation commendable.  He finally resigned and securing a promise to have his next in command take over the operations is not enough.  He should never have resigned.  He should have made them fire him.  It’s not enough.  I am not optimistic about the Maxwell prosecution.  This is one of those situations where too many powerful people have too much to lose to allow this to go forward.  They will stop it.  We don’t know how exactly, but trust me, they will stop it.
  • Chris Hayes on MSNBC tonight described narratives that question Epstein’s “suicide” as “conspiracy theories.” MSNBC can always be trusted to maintain the corporate Democratic line.
  • The two documentaries on Epstein fail to probe Epstein’s connection with intelligence.

Glynn County Commissioners: Update, Job for Indicted Police Chief

john powell

The Brunswick News is reporting this morning that the Glynn County Commissioners (the county where Ahmaud Arbery was killed) “deferred” to create a job for the Police Chief who has been indicted.  Just let this sink in.  The Glynn County Commissioners were creating a job out of reserve county funds (at a time of a pandemic) for a police chief who has been indicted.

Powell was the Police Chief when Ahmaud Arbery was killed and his officers failed to make an arrest of the killers.  They also phoned Arbery’s mother and told her that Arbery had been killed during a break-in.  One of the men who killed Arbery is a former police officer.

John Powell and the County Commissioners presided over the Glynn County Police at a time when the agency was involved in repeated scandals including a now disbanded narcotics unit, a police officer who was allowed to stalk and finally kill his ex-girlfriend, and a woman shot inside her car.

One of the County Commissioners narrowly escaped being prosecuted for insurance fraud recently because he got his wife to plead guilty to the charges and argue that he didn’t pay any attention to what was going on in his own insurance company.

These men must be removed from office, never allowed to hold office again and shunned.


Job Being Created for Arbery Police Chief, Glynn County Georgia


Ahmaud Arbery was killed in Glynn County, Georgia about a mile from my house.  The man in charge of the police department at the time, John Powell, was indicted the same month after a series of scandals involving the Glynn County Police Department.

The County Commissioners are meeting today, June 25, 2020 and are likely to vote to use county reserve funds to create a job for John Powell.  The Commissioners (including one of whom recently just escaped being prosecuted for insurance fraud because his wife plead guilty to the charges) is creating a $150,000 a year job for this man.

Please phone Michael Browning (912) 264-3697.




The Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery and the Absence of Justice in South Georgia

videoIn February 2020, when police were called to the scene of a shooting, they found a colleague of theirs, Gregory McMichaels and his son Travis at the scene.  As a later released video showed, McMichaels and his son had hunted down Ahmaud Arbery and shot him in the street.  According to reporting by the New York Times (5/8/20) Gregory McMichaels had Ahmaud Arbery’s blood on his hands when police arrived.

But, officers at the scene took down the version of the killing told them by the assailants, their former colleague and his son, and sent them home.

Later somebody in the department phoned Ahmaud Arbery’s mother and told her that Aubery had been involved in a burglary and was shot by the home owner.  This was a lie.  We still do not know who phoned Arbery’s mother.

Peter Murphy, a Glynn County Commissioner, defended the Police Department’s decision not to make an arrest in the shooting.

Bob Coleman, also on the Gynn County Commission, only recently escaped being prosecuted for insurance fraud by letting his wife cop a plea to the charges which involved Coleman’s business.

When I phoned Michael Browning, the head of the Glynn County Commission, to express my opinion that it was inappropriate for a member of the Glynn County Commission to have escaped insurance fraud charges by making an agreement with the prosecutor to let his wife plead to the charges, I was laughed at, insulted and told: “Get your head out of your ass.”

Everyone on the Glynn County Commission needs to be replaced.  Please, don’t put campaign signs in your yard for these men.  Please don’t vote for these men.  The community deserves better than this.

Authoritarian State Watch


Charges have been dropped against Michael Flynn.

Paul Manafort is released from prison.

Lawyers for the President argued before the Supreme Court yesterday that the President (if he’s a Republican) should not ever be investigated or prosecuted while in office – no subpoenas, no testimony, no indictments.  “Criminal process targeting the President” violates the Constitution, Jay Sekulow said.

Right-wing justices whined that making a Republican president abide by the law was harassment.  Holding a Republican President accountable to the law is trying to “torment” the president.