Ahmaud Arbery Case

Opening Statements Day One

The first day of the trial of the men who hunted down Ahmaud ARbery and killed him in the street.  Last yesterday afternoon, one of the jurors contated the court to report that s/he had a back problem and was on narcotics.  The judge replaced the juror.

I haven’t heard whether this was a white or black juror. There are 11 white jurors and one white juror.

can’t wait for that definitive congressional report

8 October 2021

Congressional Subpoenas

A House Select committee is now conducting an investigation of the Jan. 6 coup attempt. The committee set Thursday as the deadline for Steve Bannon to produce information about the coup attempt and the next Thursday, October 14, for him to appear for a deposition.

It should come as a surprise to no one, that Bannon has refused to comply.

So, with characteristic haste to make justice roll down like a limp rag, the committee has said that they “could soon advance a referral to hold…Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress” (CNBC).

The committee, in a statement said it, “welcomes good-faith engagement” and ”will swiftly consider advancing a criminal contempt of Congress referral.”

Good faith hasn’t raised it’s head to be welcomed and the Committee should have had the referral ready at 12:01 AM Friday. 

But, this is yet another example of Democratic performance art.  They have established yet another committee hoping to convince the American people that they are serious about holding elite criminals accountable. They are not.

Bannon produced no material, and he will not show up on Thursday to give a deposition.  He will ignore the committee because he can ignore the committee and nothing at all will happen to him. 

Those who are maintain that Congressional subpoenas mean something now or used to mean something in the past are ill informed. 

I would refer anyone who is interested in this issue to read the articles about the 2008 Senate judiciary committee contempt citation for Karl Rove.  Rove ignored the committee, they cited him for contempt and that was the end of it.  Rove has been free to act out his criminal and authoritarian tendencies since.

Those interested in just one example of what happens when elite criminals like Rove are given a free pass, and when those in government are left to use the legal system for their own political ends, should read about Karl Rove’s subsequent behavior. Rove and his cronies destroyed the career and almost the life of Don Siegelman. I would also add that Karl Rove is a regular guest on Fox News.

The select committee plans to deliver a definitive report. We will be waiting with bated breath.







“We’ll be fine”


  • Afghanistan has evidently disappeared since Biden and the corporate democrats have declared the war over and the operation a “success.” 
  • Now, the corporate media evidently intends show hundreds of hours of disaster coverage.  Fortunately, there is a hurricane that can be used as an excuse for doing any real investigative reporting.  The disaster coverage comes in two categories.  The first is telling us what has happened and reciting statistics, flood levels, houses affected, etc.  The other involves telling “hero” stories, heart-warming stories of heroic behavior during difficult times.  These stories are designed to convince Americans that what they are watching is not clear evidence that climate change is an existential threat.  As one New York Congresswoman said today “We’ll be fine.”  That should be the sentence running over and over endlessly at the bottom of the screen. 
  • The “hero” stories are like the “brave first responder” stories that always follow a mass shooting.  Look, the corporate media says, this is not a mass shooting which should make you go bat shit crazy over the state of the society you live in, this is an example of how wonderful we really are, how we are an exceptional people.  And, with the hurricane, this is not about climate change that has been brought about by the greed and corruption of a few, but an opportunity to celebrate our heroic natures. 
  • Meanwhile, as the corporate media is interviewing the hundredth reporter standing in water saying NOTHING OF INTEREST TO ANYBODY, Kevin McCarthy is using the Republican Party and threatening to destroy private companies if they comply with a lawful investigation into the Jan. 6 coup attempt.  Just let that sink into your head.  Kevin McCarthy (with the agreement of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson) is promising to use the power of the government to destroy private companies if they comply with federal law while Democrats are in power.
  • You can’t appoint members of the Supreme Court if the Democrats are in power and you cannot comply with a lawful order if Democrats are in power.
  • But, why get too bent out of shape?  We’ll be fine.
  • Neal Katyal, the darling of legal commentary on MSNBC, is on Nicolle Wallace’s show to comment on the Texas SCOTUS decision about abortion.  Katyal is whining about the decision and blaming the Republicans for putting three radical authoritarian judges on the Supreme Court.  Katyal was the person who introduced Gorsuch in his confirmation hearings.  Katyal wrote an article scolding Democrats and liberals for not supporting Gorsuch as the best qualified candidate.  And, MSNBC still has him on.  And, to make matters even worse (if that’s possible) Katyal is now saying that we have to “do something” about the state of the judiciary.  Well, there were people who were trying to “do something” about the state of the judiciary when Kaytal was out there trying to win career brownie points chiding liberals for pointing out the dangers of a Gorsuch appointment.  I am so sick of these people.

ahmaud arbery: No arrests, no charges, no local media coverage

The date for the trial of the three men who hunted down Ahmaud Arbery and shot him in the street is October 18, 2021 in the Glynn County Courthouse, Brunswick, Georgia.

For almost three months after Arbery was shot and killed, there were no arrests, no charges brought and almost no local press coverage.  But, one of the men who joined the chase of Arbery as Arbery jogged through a Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood, filmed the chase and the shooting.  When the video went viral, media attention was attracted to the case.  When the GBI took the investigation out of the hands of local officials, charges were brought in days.

The local prosecutor had recused herself from the case almost immediately because one of the men, Gregory McMichaels, had been a police investigator with her office.  She contacted another local prosecutor, and asked him to give advise the police department about the case. 

Waycross DA, George E. Barnhill advised the Glynn County Police Department that the three men appeared to have been acting in self defense. 

The local prosecutor, Jackie Johnson, requested a new prosecutor.  She contacted the state Attorney General who assigned the case to Barnhill.  But, Barnhill’s son, George F. Barnhill, worked as an attorney in the Brunswick DA’s office and the family of Ahmaud Arbery objected to the elder Barnhill’s appointment.  The younger Barnhill had worked with Gregory McMichaels on a case against Ahmaud Arbery years before.

Georgia Attorney General, Chris Carr, then assigned case to Tom Durden, Atlantic Judicial Circuit in Hinesville.  He announced plans in early May to ask a grand jury to consider criminal charges.

Carr made a statement last year that the elder Barnhill did not mention potential conflicts when he was asked to take over the case, nor that he had already offered the police department an “initial opinion.”

The case was later transferred to the Cobb County DA.  That is where it remains.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported in June of 2021 that a grand jury had been convened to investigate the actions of DA Jackie Johnson in the Ahmaud Arbery case.