can’t wait for that definitive congressional report

8 October 2021

Congressional Subpoenas

A House Select committee is now conducting an investigation of the Jan. 6 coup attempt. The committee set Thursday as the deadline for Steve Bannon to produce information about the coup attempt and the next Thursday, October 14, for him to appear for a deposition.

It should come as a surprise to no one, that Bannon has refused to comply.

So, with characteristic haste to make justice roll down like a limp rag, the committee has said that they “could soon advance a referral to hold…Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress” (CNBC).

The committee, in a statement said it, “welcomes good-faith engagement” and ”will swiftly consider advancing a criminal contempt of Congress referral.”

Good faith hasn’t raised it’s head to be welcomed and the Committee should have had the referral ready at 12:01 AM Friday. 

But, this is yet another example of Democratic performance art.  They have established yet another committee hoping to convince the American people that they are serious about holding elite criminals accountable. They are not.

Bannon produced no material, and he will not show up on Thursday to give a deposition.  He will ignore the committee because he can ignore the committee and nothing at all will happen to him. 

Those who are maintain that Congressional subpoenas mean something now or used to mean something in the past are ill informed. 

I would refer anyone who is interested in this issue to read the articles about the 2008 Senate judiciary committee contempt citation for Karl Rove.  Rove ignored the committee, they cited him for contempt and that was the end of it.  Rove has been free to act out his criminal and authoritarian tendencies since.

Those interested in just one example of what happens when elite criminals like Rove are given a free pass, and when those in government are left to use the legal system for their own political ends, should read about Karl Rove’s subsequent behavior. Rove and his cronies destroyed the career and almost the life of Don Siegelman. I would also add that Karl Rove is a regular guest on Fox News.

The select committee plans to deliver a definitive report. We will be waiting with bated breath.




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