Ahmaud Arbery

Blog #1 “What is he doing wrong?” On a Sunday afternoon, February 23, 2020, Ahmaud Arbery jogged through a neighborhood in Glynn County, Georgia.  He had jogged in the neighborhood before. But this jog ended with a retired police investigator, Greg McMichaels, and his son Travis, arming themselves and jumping into their pickup truck toContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery”

texas, georgia and the republicans: morning rundown

Texas: The Republicans are turning a massive failure of infrastructure and privatization in Texas into a condemnation of renewable energy.  Even the Governor of the State is on national television spewing lies and disinformation.  Gov. Greg Abbott, on Fox News, said that the problem was caused by renewable energy systems. Officials were told in 2011Continue reading “texas, georgia and the republicans: morning rundown”

Glynn County, Georgia: Site of the Aubery Killings

Michael Browning, Glynn County Commission   It was in Glynn County, Georgia that three men stalked and killed Ahmaud Arbery.  One of the men documented the killing on video.  But, when police from the Glynn County Police Department arrived at the scene of the murder, they made no arrests.  One of the three men, GregoryContinue reading “Glynn County, Georgia: Site of the Aubery Killings”