UKRAINE: Brutal partisanship, which side are you on?

FRIDAY 11 MARCH 2022 UKRAINE WORLD (@ukraine_world) Ukraine World has a new podcast available. Ukraine intelligence says that the Russians are planning an attack on Chernobyl. Russian aircraft have made an airstrike from Ukraine into Belarus on the Ukraine-Belarus border. Ukraine asks the West to close the sky over Ukraine. Ukraine may be attacked fromContinue reading “UKRAINE: Brutal partisanship, which side are you on?”

republicans might not like trump but they “don’t regret the supreme court.”

Republicans don’t regret the result of Trump, just Trump


Essential Podcasts: Deconstructed (Episode 11/6/20) Mike Siegel, progressive candidate for the House in Texas is interviewed by Deconstructed. The district Siegel ran in was drawn to be permanently Republican through gerrymandering.   According to Siegel, the Democratic Party has a narrow range of issues it “recommends” their candidates run on.  The Party does the research, theContinue reading “ESSENTIAL PODCAST: DECONSTRUCTED INTERVIEW WITH PROGRESSIVE MIKE SIEGEL”

The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election

The New York Times yesterday published an article about Biden’s “war room,” a “major new legal operation” to deal with election protection.  Staffed with hundreds of lawyers and big names like Eric Holder, we are led to believe that the Biden campaign will, unlike campaigns before it (Clinton and Kerry, for example) be prepared toContinue reading “The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election”


Under the general category of : We Told You. Joe Biden’s campaign is telling the American people through an advisor and long-time friend of Joe Biden, former Sen. Ted Kaufman, that the Biden administration will not stand up for regular working Americans with economic policy.  “When we get in, the pantry is going to beContinue reading “MORNING NOTES: DEMOCRATS SIGNALING A RETURN TO AUSTERITY POLICIES”

Ring of Fire Podcast: Sam Seder – Barr Hearings and Democratic Party Platform

Turn off the corporate media and listen to a really good podcast on Ring of Fire with Sam Seder as he talks about the Barr hearing and interviews John Nichols. Podcast    

The Barr Hearings: That’s Why my Stomach hurts

     Bill Barr, after being threatened with a subpoena by Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, appeared before the House on July 28, 2020.  There was no reason for anybody who has watched Barr with increasing outrage and fury, as he has politicized the administration of justice in this country, to hold out much hope that theseContinue reading “The Barr Hearings: That’s Why my Stomach hurts”

“Nothing will change.” Joe Biden

Well, it seems that advisors around the White House were not able to keep Trump from having the disgusting and embarrassing pressers every day.  He was out there again reading meaningless statistics, not wearing a mask, and becoming incensed when reporters asked him innocuous questions. I have come to despise that sing-song voice he usesContinue reading ““Nothing will change.” Joe Biden”

There’s No Country on Earth Like It

I can’t see that there’s anything in this stimulus bill that prevents it being a slush fund give-away for big business.  Because of objections, there is now talk of an Inspector General and a panel to over see the distribution of the funds, but no assurance that these funds, for example, won’t to directly intoContinue reading “There’s No Country on Earth Like It”

Joe Biden says we owe Anita Hill a lot. Well we owe Joe Biden more. We owe him a swift boot in the ass.

Last night, in a CNN townhall, Joe Biden once again gave a response to a question about the Clarence Thomas hearings that was untruthful, evasive, and incoherent. I sat in front of my television and played it back over and over again to make sure I got every word right. I’m going to post theContinue reading “Joe Biden says we owe Anita Hill a lot. Well we owe Joe Biden more. We owe him a swift boot in the ass.”