Ukraine: I’m Up

What I know this morning: (12:56 AM) A full-scale invasion is being launched in Ukraine. MSNBC is reporting cruise missile strikes. Ukraine World (UW) is reporting that Ukraine closed its airspace. UW is reporting shelling at Vasylkiv airport near Kyiv. MSNBC is reporting that people are leaving Kyiv.  Blasts awoke people in the capital city.Continue reading “Ukraine: I’m Up”

Economic outlook. fstv. podcast. if you lived with a roommate that was as unstable as this economic system…

ALTERNATIVES TO THE CORPORATE NEWS MEDIA In this unique collection of over 50 essays, “The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself,” Richard D. Wolff argues clearly that “returning to normal” no longer responds adequately to the accumulated problems of US capitalism. What is necessary, instead, is transitionContinue reading “Economic outlook. fstv. podcast. if you lived with a roommate that was as unstable as this economic system…”

The Real Enemy…timidity, selfishness and greed.

But the real enemy, the one we have always been at war against, is the violence and despair of our own timidity, selfishness, and greed. For too long, we have responded to this enemy with appeasement. But appeasement has proven to be a losing strategy, as indeed it always is. The only way we willContinue reading “The Real Enemy…timidity, selfishness and greed.”

Disaster Economics: Part 2

Notes from the podcast Pitchcock Economics   “Disaster Economics” 23 March 2020 This crisis brings into focus the damage of forty years of neo-liberal politics. These policies have been corrosive. The effect of a crisis reveals how well the society was prepared in the first place. If, when a hurricane is coming, the society livedContinue reading “Disaster Economics: Part 2”

Disaster Economics: Part 1

The more useless the corporate news media becomes, the more essential it is to find good, informative podcasts. Today, I listened to a podcast from Pitchfork Economics called “Disaster Economics.”  It’s worth 100 hours of listening to the gossip of Nicolle Wallace, the geek coronavirus obsession of Rachael Maddow, or the endless inspirational anecdotes ofContinue reading “Disaster Economics: Part 1”

Scheer Intelligence Podcast: The Housing Crisis, the Real Culprits (More of Them) Clinton, Bush, Obama Review of Home Wreckers