Ukraine: I’m Up

What I know this morning: (12:56 AM)

  • A full-scale invasion is being launched in Ukraine.
  • MSNBC is reporting cruise missile strikes.
  • Ukraine World (UW) is reporting that Ukraine closed its airspace.
  • UW is reporting shelling at Vasylkiv airport near Kyiv.
  • MSNBC is reporting that people are leaving Kyiv. 
  • Blasts awoke people in the capital city.
  • MSNBC is reporting that troops are coming across the border.
  • MSNBC: Belarus is being used as a staging ground.  Note: In the past, Belarus was adamant that they would not be used as a staging ground for any aggression.
  • MSNBC reporter predicting “disaster” for Putin.

Other reports from Ukraine World

  • Missiles attacking critical military infrastructure across Ukraine.
  • Kyiv under missile attack reported by Ukraine’s interior ministry.
  • Flights have been suspended
  • Putin announced a “special military operation” against Ukraine.
  • Putin called on the Ukrainian army to immediately give up.
  • Putin said that Russia intends to “denazify” Ukraine.

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