Fox News is Interviewing Bill Barr, the most dangerous bull in the herd.

UKRAINE UPDATE, 3:30 PM CNN Russia is claiming that the victims of their invasion are “crisis actors.” FOX NEWS Fox New seems to have completely forgotten how deeply up the ass of Putin the Republican party has been in the past and is now.  To hear them tell it, Putin is the most evil manContinue reading “Fox News is Interviewing Bill Barr, the most dangerous bull in the herd.”

Stealing the election: Just today

The Head Fake Trump in a news conference (or whatever that things is he does when he comes out and lies for an extended period of time) is preparing the population for a “disaster” on election day.  He keeps repeating the scenario and thereby painting the picture for his supporters of total confusion.  Today heContinue reading “Stealing the election: Just today”

georgia: stealing the election

“Nothing should be more self-evident than the simple statement that for an election to have legitimacy, the counting process must be observable” Code Red by Jonathan Simon. In many states, however, Republican party officials have worked to make sure that the counting process is not observable.  They have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to foolContinue reading “georgia: stealing the election”


If you have not started following Jennifer Cohn on Twitter, you should.  She is essential if you want to understand what is likely to happen in the 2020 election with election security. Among the things you should note for today are: Even when the GOP allows Hand Marked Paper Ballots, they are careful to ensureContinue reading “STEALING ELECTIONS: THE HISTORY”

I have tried my best not to look at the television today.  Last night was just so infuriating.  The celebratory champagne-uncorking of MSNBC pundits over their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, finally, finally winning a primary, was just revolting.  Above you can see the facial expressions that characterized the coverage when Bernie won. I was, however,Continue reading