Fox News is Interviewing Bill Barr, the most dangerous bull in the herd.



  • Russia is claiming that the victims of their invasion are “crisis actors.”


  • Fox New seems to have completely forgotten how deeply up the ass of Putin the Republican party has been in the past and is now.  To hear them tell it, Putin is the most evil man in the history of the universe.  But, the leader of their party, Trump, accepted Russian help to get “elected” in 2016.  He has done extensive business with Russian oligarchs.  He hired Paul Manafort, who got Russia’s puppet government into power briefly in Ukraine.
  • Of course, they have to interview Bill Barr now, one of the most dangerous, corrupt men in the country.  Barr is pimping for John Durham.  I am just not sure I can listen to this.  There are not many people I despise more than Bill Barr.  I always think of something Cicero is supposed to have said about Pompey: “He’s the most dangerous bull in the herd.”
  • Fox: New revelations in his book. 
  • Barr, 2019: “I think spying did occur.”  It was an FBI issue, not a CIA issue.  Durham is looking at the Clinton campaign and the role her operatives played in getting this thing  rolling. 
  • Fox: According to the Durham filing, they were gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.
  • Barr: Two different groups of characters, people in the government, and then the private actors, Clinton campaign personnel participated.  Durham is taking a hard look at the Clinton campaign.
  • Fox: “Will anybody ever be held accountable?”  She mentions Marc Elias.
  • Barr:  “I hope there will be more indictments.”  “I think there will be possibly criminal charges.” 
  • Fox: January 6th.  You expressed a concern about mail-in voting.
  • Barr: Anything that affects integrity.  People are going to be suspicious.  “…weakening them creates an opportunity for fraud.” 
  • Fox quoting Trump: “Barr was a ‘Bushie’ who never had the energy or competence to do the job that he was put in place to do.”
  • Barr:  “They wasted four or five weeks on these machines, which was a bogus claim…absurd….instead of focusing in and trying to get the evidence” that was necessary to overturn the election.  “There was some illegal harvesting.”  “There’s no secret why he lost.”  It was in the suburbs who defected.  He ran weaker than the Republican party in Wisconsin.  “Think about that.”  He got 60,000 votes less.  “You can’t win a national election if you’re running weaker than the national ticket.” 
  • Fox: James Comey piece.  Urged FBI not to soften on prosecuting anyone who was in the capitol on Jan. 6.  Comey advocated sending a “shock wave of deterrence….vote, argue, litigate, demonstrate….don’t you dare interfere by force in the operation of this democracy.”
  • Barr:  Why didn’t he write that during Portland when governmental officials were being seriously injured.  They were trying to turn down a building with the officials in it.  I didn’t see him saying anything then. 
  • Fox: Vote for Trump?
  • Barr: “I think we are going to be making a grave mistake if he is nominated.  I hope he isn’t.”  “I think the greatest threat to the country is the progressive agenda that is dominating the Democratic Party.”  The Republicans are blessed with a lot of qualified people.  Biden is “too old to govern.” 

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