the truth about mike pence, and evangelicals

Notes from Thom Hartman reading “The Truth about Mike Pence.” Evangelicals like Pence considered themselves warriors Pence’s allies included hugely wealthy donors who posed as victims All of these evangelicals denied science behind climate change. They denied their own power and wealth. They advocated a form of predatory capitalism They claim to be free marketersContinue reading “the truth about mike pence, and evangelicals”

Interview with Pankaj Mishra by the Intercept

The Global System Intercepted interview with Pankaj Mishra, author of “From the Ruins of Empire: The Intellectuals Who Remade Asia”  and “Age of Anger.” The rise of free market ideology in the U.S. and Britain has, in fact, undermined democracy and diminished social protections for ordinary people. Replacing Biden with Trump is not going toContinue reading “Interview with Pankaj Mishra by the Intercept”

Why Free Market Capitalism Will Bury Us, Literally

Amid the absurdly trivial corporate media coverage of the Coronavirus crisis, are stories that slip by unnoticed.  One of them is another investigation, another investigation by a congressional subcommittee about whether “the U.S. government is paying too much for ventilators made by a Dutch company that received millions in tax dollars to develop an affordableContinue reading “Why Free Market Capitalism Will Bury Us, Literally”