The “Fake Narrative”: Helping Ukraine is Arming Fascists

Ukraine Various news sources are reporting that Putin has decided and communicated with his military that he is going to invade Ukraine.  Others are reporting that Biden told allies last night that they thought Putin was going to invade.  Jake Sullivan, earlier today, warned Americans to get out of Ukraine if they could.  Olga Rudenko,Continue reading “The “Fake Narrative”: Helping Ukraine is Arming Fascists”

“Over-the-Horizon” Foreign Policy” Afghanistan

Pundit after pundit in the corporate media has given the U.S. military enormous credit for coming clean and admitting to the world that they made a “mistake” with the drone strike that killed 10 people in Afghanistan, including 7 children. It seems evident, however, that the military would have never admitted the tragic error hadContinue reading ““Over-the-Horizon” Foreign Policy” Afghanistan”

The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election

The New York Times yesterday published an article about Biden’s “war room,” a “major new legal operation” to deal with election protection.  Staffed with hundreds of lawyers and big names like Eric Holder, we are led to believe that the Biden campaign will, unlike campaigns before it (Clinton and Kerry, for example) be prepared toContinue reading “The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election”

Proof of Collusion: Seth Abramson

All you have to do is read this book to see how Robert Mueller was either a Chickenshit (See book by Eisinger) or part of the project to cover up the Trump/Russia collusion.  Neither alternative is a good one.

Authoritarianism: Ain’t it Grand?

  “A …report by the Justice Department’s inspector general is expected to sharply criticize lower-level F.B.I. officials as well as bureau leaders involved in the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation, but to absolve the top ranks of abusing their powers out of bias against President Trump…”   As Nick Confessori (NYT) pointed out thisContinue reading “Authoritarianism: Ain’t it Grand?”

The Most Dangerous Bulls in the Herd: Greg Sargent, William Barr and the Corporate Media

Yesterday, I spent hours reading about William Barr launching a criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.  What struck me most forcefully was the repeated dismissal of the action by various corporate media commentators. There is a squad of normalizers out there in the corporate news world, working overtime to convince us thatContinue reading “The Most Dangerous Bulls in the Herd: Greg Sargent, William Barr and the Corporate Media”