UKRAINE UPDATE: Loathsome New York Times Editorial



  • A New York Times article entitled “The War in Ukraine is Getting complicated, and America Isn’t Ready,” published on May 19, caused a stir in Ukraine and beyond.
  • In the badly written, juvenile, article, the editorial board stated: “A decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia, in which Ukraine regains all the territory Russia has seized since 2014, is not a realistic goal.”
  • The editorial board exhorted the government of Ukraine to give up “unreasonable expectations” and “make the painful territorial decisions that any compromise (with Russia) will demand.”
  • Ukraine is called on to negotiate but then the article describes Putin as a “volatile despot who has shown little inclination toward a negotiated settlement.”
  • Ukraine and the Biden administration are warned not to “chase after an illusory ‘win.’”
  • The Biden administration is warned to “shake off the euphoria” “stop the taunting and focus on defining and completing the mission.” 
  • The Kyiv Independent interviewed the director of the Kyiv-based Center for Defense Strategies, Andriy Zagorodnyuk, who commented:
  • “The key wrong assumption is that Ukraine can’t win, therefore, it has to make a deal.:
  • “…we see no chance for a negotiation process.”
  • “…they keep waging war and going on the offensive.  There’s no point talking about any sort of compromise and negotiations.”’
  • “When some foreign journalists or observers try to tell us we have to talk anyway, it means they don’t understand the situation.”
  • “…if in the editorial we change ‘Putin’ for ‘Hitler’ what would it sound like?  What would their suggestions for reaching compromises and making agreements sound like?  How do they suggest that we make agreements with fascism?”
  • “…many foreign observers, journalists, and politicians say all the time that there needs to be a ceasefire.  An armistice doesn’t stop the war at all.  All it will do it give Putin a chance to exhale and re-launch a military campaign with a fresh start.”
  • “…our ultimate goal is to reinstate control of all territories as of 1991, hold those responsible for war crimes accountable, and get reparations.”
  • You can put out a fire with a bucket or with lots of glasses of water.  “We need to avoid a situation where we get assistance in small sips. It’s a crucial challenge to us now – a lot of money has been allocated, and over 40 nations have joined.  Now, it’s important that we, as a coalition, are not afraid of winning.”
  • (Note: If the NYT editorial board has its way, Ukraine will get small sips.  They are not afraid of winning; they are afraid of risking anything to win.)
  • “Even when WWII was in full swing, there were journalists, observers, and politicians, in Britain, America, in Europe saying that there had to be a compromise and de-escalation…half-heartedness is a deathly matter.  It’s a disaster.”

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