UKRAINE UPDATE: The Immortal Regiment

SUNDAY 8 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: THE KYIV INDEPENDENT Canada to provide millions in aid to Ukraine and impose new sanctions on Russia. Canada will sanction 12 Russians with lose ties to the state, 19 individuals linked to Russia’s defense sector, and five entities providing direct or indirect support to the Russian military.  More thanContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: The Immortal Regiment”

“Putin is a madman”narrative: CNN, Jake Tapper, Josh Rogin and William Taylor

5:30 PM James Clapper, earlier on CNN, joined the “Putin is a madman” drum beat of a narrative.  This has to raise the question of why the intelligence community is part of this “Putin is crazy” effort. Jake Tapper, adding to this narrative which has taken root on corporate news repeated the charge that PutinContinue reading ““Putin is a madman”narrative: CNN, Jake Tapper, Josh Rogin and William Taylor”


It started last night and then in a totally predictable way, Joe Scarborough amplified and continued it this morning. “It” is the newly minted narrative about the difference between Manchin and Sinema.  Both are holding up essential legislation to maintain a half-decent society.  But, one is doing so as a statesman and the other isContinue reading “GUESS WHO IS “MYSTERIOUS AND IRRATIONAL?” MANCHIN OR SINEMA?”

the “elite industrial complex” at work

What Elie Mystal calls the “elite industrial complex” has already started, before the election(which the Democrats are convinced they are going to win) to make the case for allowing Trump and the Republican crime family escape accountability for all the crimes they have committed not least of which is an attempt to subvert democracy andContinue reading “the “elite industrial complex” at work”

Stealing the Election: Behind our Backs and in front of our faces

It is tempting to think that authoritarian governments come to power through sudden and dramatic coups, but often they do not.  Instead, they come to power through a creeping co-opting of authority.  This is the preferred method, the most successful method of taking control.  A sudden, dramatic take-over of a society provokes resistance.  Sliding theContinue reading “Stealing the Election: Behind our Backs and in front of our faces”

I have tried my best not to look at the television today.  Last night was just so infuriating.  The celebratory champagne-uncorking of MSNBC pundits over their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, finally, finally winning a primary, was just revolting.  Above you can see the facial expressions that characterized the coverage when Bernie won. I was, however,Continue reading

Proof of Collusion: Seth Abramson

All you have to do is read this book to see how Robert Mueller was either a Chickenshit (See book by Eisinger) or part of the project to cover up the Trump/Russia collusion.  Neither alternative is a good one.

Afternoon Notes: Epstein, the House Intelligence Committee Report, MSNBC,Ukraine

  House Intelligence Committee Report The House Intelligence Committee has released their preliminary impeachment report. Included are phone records that document phone calls between Giuliani and OMB, made from the White House.  This makes it impossible to maintain the fiction that Giuliani was conducting a “rogue operation.” Epstein Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told The MiamiContinue reading “Afternoon Notes: Epstein, the House Intelligence Committee Report, MSNBC,Ukraine”

Authoritarianism: Ain’t it Grand?

  “A …report by the Justice Department’s inspector general is expected to sharply criticize lower-level F.B.I. officials as well as bureau leaders involved in the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation, but to absolve the top ranks of abusing their powers out of bias against President Trump…”   As Nick Confessori (NYT) pointed out thisContinue reading “Authoritarianism: Ain’t it Grand?”

Trump was Organizing a Propaganda Campaign: Against the American People

Yet another impeachable offense.  What Trump and Giuliani (and Sondland, Perry and Volker) were organizing was a covert propaganda campaign designed to fool the American people.  And, Republicans are fighting for their right to do so.  This article by Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, explains the most important point of the Ukraine dirt forContinue reading “Trump was Organizing a Propaganda Campaign: Against the American People”