UKRAINE UPDATE: The Immortal Regiment




  • Canada to provide millions in aid to Ukraine and impose new sanctions on Russia.
  • Canada will sanction 12 Russians with lose ties to the state, 19 individuals linked to Russia’s defense sector, and five entities providing direct or indirect support to the Russian military. 
  • More than 60 people feared dead after Russian bombed a school being used as a shelter.
  • Zelensky awards medal to Ukrainian sapper dog.
  • Ukraine’s military defeats 190 Russian troops, 15 tanks in eastern Ukraine on May 8.
  • Evacuation from Luhansk stops as Russian troops fire on evacuation route.
  • Zelensky: occupied Mariupol cannot be liberated by military means.

EUROMAIDAN PRESS: The Immortal Regiment

  • Since 2013, members of the “Immortal Regiment” march on 9 May with portraits of their relatives who fought during WWII.
  • By 2015, the movement had been hijacked by the Kremlin to carry out its operations.
  • Propagandists use “mass events, theatrical performances, and symbols to manipulate and exploit the personal tragedies…”
  • They “use brainwashing methods such as laundering history and flipping narratives, to claim Putin’s regime is the direct successor of all Russia’s glorious victories…”
  • This year, relatives of those killed in Ukraine will join.
  • They will carry portraits of those responsible for deaths in Bucha, Irpen and Mariupol.
  • The Immortal Regiment marches will take place in the occupied territories of Ukraine as well.
  • This is a way of reinforcing the myth of “denazification.”
  • Russian talk show host Vladmir Soloviev said “We will take Washington next.”
  • Thousands of invitations are emailed out to the Russophone citizens of the Us, UK, EU and around the world.
  • Vladimir Medinsky, a former culture minister now in charge of the negotiations with Ukraine has openly called the collaboration between Stalin and Hitler in 1939 a “great achievement of Soviet diplomacy.”
  • In 2019, in the US, “about 8,000 people took part in the Immortal Regiment marches in twenty cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. 
  • Over 700 people some of them in Russian military uniform gathered in front of the White House and were greeted by the Russian Ambassador to the United States.  (Note: Where the bleeding f..k was the press?)
  • The Immortal Regiment is itself a part of the whole Russian war operation.
  • In 40 countries around the world, Russian Immortal Regiment will march in favor of Putin and his war against Ukraine.

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