UKRAINE UPDATE: Loathsome New York Times Editorial

SATURDAY 21 MAY 2022 THE KYIV INDEPENDENT A New York Times article entitled “The War in Ukraine is Getting complicated, and America Isn’t Ready,” published on May 19, caused a stir in Ukraine and beyond. In the badly written, juvenile, article, the editorial board stated: “A decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia, in whichContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: Loathsome New York Times Editorial”


TUESDAY 17 MAY 2022 Podast: The Telegraph, Ukraine The Latest Ukraine has had success in the north pushing Russians back to the border. Surrender of those left in the Mariupol steel plant.  It is said that they are in separatist held areas in the Donbas. The port cities on the Sea of Azov have beenContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: MARIUPOL STEEL PLANT”


MONDAY 16 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: MSNBC Russia fired long-range missiles on Western city of Lyiv. EUROMAIDAN PRESS After destroying Mariupol victims are offered money if they agree to blame Ukraine. Russian shelling causes explosion at ammonia nitrate warehouse in Kharkiv. PODCAST: UKRAINE THE LATEST THE TELEGRAPH There are exercises continuing in Belarus.  At theContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: THE LATEST FROM THE TELEGRAPH”


MONDAY 16 MAY 2022 CNN Finland applying to join NATO.  Russia threatening retaliation.  Russia may have lost 1/3 of their combat troops (death, desertion, disappearance) McDonald’s is selling out in Russia. UKRAINE WORLD Russians shelled Severodonetsk again.  (On Donets River, near Lisichansk, east of Izium. Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) composed of Russia, Belarus, Armenia,Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: PUTIN AND LUKASHENKO”

UKRAINE UPDATE: The Immortal Regiment

SUNDAY 8 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: THE KYIV INDEPENDENT Canada to provide millions in aid to Ukraine and impose new sanctions on Russia. Canada will sanction 12 Russians with lose ties to the state, 19 individuals linked to Russia’s defense sector, and five entities providing direct or indirect support to the Russian military.  More thanContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: The Immortal Regiment”


SATURDAY 7 MAY 2022 (@cjjohns1951) UKRAINE UPDATE: Day 73 Podcast: Daily Telegraph Podcast “Ukraine the Latest” This is probably the best daily update podcast.  It is well worth subscribing to. Yachts, Oligarchs and the view from Washington The Russian effort in the Donbas is stalled. The Russians are consuming a lot of military equipment.  (Note:Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: SANCTIONS, YACHTS”


FRIDAY 6 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE Zelensky feared exactly what is happening, i.e., that the West, specifically the US, would tire of the conflict in Ukraine and turn attention away.  The corporate news is once again filled with the Trump soap opera.  Revelation follows revelation, and each revelation is talked about ad nauseum.  NOTHING isContinue reading “URAINE UPDATE:”

UKRAINE UPDATE: Fighting in the East

THURSDAY 5 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: CNN Besieged Ukrainians inside the steel plant in Mariupol refuse to surrender.  NATO has refused to help.  These brave fighters have occupied Russian military force and kept it from being moved to other parts of the country. Missile strike in Kramatorsk, no one killed.  The Russians are having aContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: Fighting in the East”


TUESDAY 3 MAY 2022 NEW YORK TIMES A warehouse of a Russian textbook company whose chairman is a close friend of Putin, went up in flames overnight.  This is another of the suspicious fires.  The warehouse is in the outskirts of Moscow. It was reported that the company had tried to remove as many referencesContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: PUTIN’S HEALTH”


MONDAY 2 MAY 2022 CNN There is speculation that Putin may declare way on Ukraine on May 9.  This opens the way toward more conscription since he has lost a great many troops. This may mobilize the Russian population behind Putin. The population is declining and this includes military age men.  If this soon afterContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE”