the truth about mike pence, and evangelicals

Notes from Thom Hartman reading “The Truth about Mike Pence.” Evangelicals like Pence considered themselves warriors Pence’s allies included hugely wealthy donors who posed as victims All of these evangelicals denied science behind climate change. They denied their own power and wealth. They advocated a form of predatory capitalism They claim to be free marketersContinue reading “the truth about mike pence, and evangelicals”

The Brunswick News and the Arbery Killing

Video of protest about the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. This is a letter to the editor that appeared in the Brunswick News (5/14/20).  It needs to be pointed out, however, that the Brunswick News is consistently filled with right-wing material and right-wing political commentary from syndicated columnists.  The editorial page regularly includes an article byContinue reading “The Brunswick News and the Arbery Killing”

The Aim is to Smash the Table: The Power Worshipers by Katherine Stewart

The Power Worshipers Notes on an Interview on CSPAN with author Katherine Stewart Katherine Stewart in a CSPAN interview, points out that Trump wouldn’t be in office without the “Christina nationalists.”  There is a myth that these people “held their noses” and voted for Trump in a transactional way, but that is not true.  ThisContinue reading “The Aim is to Smash the Table: The Power Worshipers by Katherine Stewart”