THURSDAY 28 april 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: 8:30 PM EUROMAIDAN PRESS Residents of a village, Demydiv, flooded their village to slow down the Russians. Russia bombs hospital at Azovstal. More mass graves are found near Mariupol. Brazil Senate votes to recognize Holodomor, Stalin’s artificial famine of 1932-33. Russia is planning to stage a sham “referendum” inContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: UKRAINIAN VILLAGERS FLOOD THEIR OWN VILLAGE TO SLOW RUSSIANS”


WEDNESDAY 27 APRIL 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: 3:30 PM UKRAINE WORLD (@Ukraine_world) (Best twitter feed and podcast) Ukrainian: “We have nowhere to return to…” Ukrainian: “The Russian army robbed me of my husband, my daughter of her father, my parents of their son.” Belarus’s lower house of Parliament approved a bill allowing security forces to useContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AND THE AMERICAN RIGHT”

UKRAINE UPDATE: They are trying to wipe us off the face of the earth

TUESDAY 26 APRIL 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE, 8 AM This is day 61 of the war on Ukraine. MSNBC Kuleba: Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Every day is crucial for us.  Russia is concentrating their efforts in the Donbas.  That is the real battleground.  From Kharkiv to Mariupol.  How painful it is receiving messages from the steel plantContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: They are trying to wipe us off the face of the earth”

UKRAINE UPDATE: Security Services and Beseda

MONDAY 25 APRIL 2022 @cjjohns1951 UKRAINE UPDATE CNN Russians still refuse to provide a humanitarian corridor out of Mariupol. CEPA: Article: “Vicious blame game erupts among Putin’s security forces.” (4/25/22) Recriminations are being exchanged over the failures in the war. The military is evidently not happy with the scaled down plans which abandon the goalContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: Security Services and Beseda”


UKRAINE UPDATE: SUNDAY 24 APRIL 2022, 2PM “Russian World: The heresy driving Putin’s war.”  Article Euromaidan Press. •          The doctrine of Russian World is “an ideology that is theological at its core.”  It pits “Holy Russia” against the “godless West.” •          World-renowned theologians have condemned the Russia World as heresy. •          Cyril Hovorum, Stockhold SchoolContinue reading “NOTES ON “RUSSIAN WORLD” ideology.”


UKRAINE UPDATE: SUNDAY APRIL 24 2022, 4:30 pm TWITTER Dean Obeidallah: Russia has opened a criminal case against Vladimir Kara-Murza, a pro-democracy advocate, for spreading “false information” about the war in Ukraine.  Khodorkovsky: Kara-Murza is being held in pre-trial detention for two months. Bill Browder:  Kara Murza was the “most effective advocate for Magnitsky sanctionsContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: RUSSIAN WORLD”


SATURDAY 23 APRIL 2022 UKRAINE MSNBC, 4:00 PM Mariupol Mayor says that mass grave could hold as much as 9,000 bodies.  East of Mariupol.  Another one West of Mariupol.  Missile strike on Odesa.  Russians claim that they are going to conquer the entire southern coast of Ukraine. This missile strike on Odesa may be theContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: ODESA”

UKRAINE IS DIFFERENT: Putin’s Emotional War against Ukraine

Tweeting at @cjjohns1951 THE KREMLIN FILE, Podcast, Episode 16, 4/21/22 In an interview with Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov, Hosts Olga Lautman and Monique Camarra asked what was happening with Putin and the leadership in Russia.  Soldatov noted that this war in Ukraine is different from the other Russian wars in the past few decades.Continue reading “UKRAINE IS DIFFERENT: Putin’s Emotional War against Ukraine”


UKRAINE, 7 PM THE KYIV INDEPENDENT Russian force enter two new territorial communities in Kherson. Russians thwart evacuation efforts in Luhansk. Russians shell hospital in Donetsk. Spain reopened its embassy in Kyiv. US not ready to reopen embassy in Kyiv. In Bucha Russian troops killed local officials, activists or men of military age who theyContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE, 7 PM”


THURSDAY 21 APRIL 2022 Tweeting at @cjjohns1951 UKRAINE UPDATE CNN •          Satellite imagery seems to indicate that Russians are digging mass graves and trying to hide the number of civilians who have been killed in Mariupol. •          Evacuation efforts are being stymied. UKRAINE: THE TELEGRAPH •          It’s day 57 in the war against Ukraine. •         Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE”