On Twitter @cjjohns1951 UKRAINE WORLD Russians shelled railway in Kharkiv oblast used to evacuate civilians from Donbas. (Note: Ukraine World is publishing the photographs of Russian military people who are perpetrating atrocities.) Russia has shelled railroad near Barvinkove in the Kharkiv region thus rendering impossible evacuation of civilians from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk that are aboutContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: THURSDAY 7 APRIL 2022, 3:30 PM”

“Capitalism will handle it.” Right.

Interviewed on CNN today, a Republican member of congress dismissed the widespread alarm among the medical profession about the shortage of masks and other protective equipment for use combating the corona virus.  “Capitalism,” he said “will handle it.” But, the corona virus crisis is a textbook example of the failure of capitalism to handle theContinue reading ““Capitalism will handle it.” Right.”

Chris Coons, D-Delaware. One of the Snakes in the Grass.

  In this podcast from the Majority Report, Sam Sedar talks to the Democrat challenging Chris Coons in Delaware.  Coons first came on my radar screen when he did a deal during the Kavanaugh hearings with Jeff Flake.  The deal was for an “investigation” by the FBI into the allegations of other women accusing KavanaughContinue reading “Chris Coons, D-Delaware. One of the Snakes in the Grass.”