FRIDAY 25 MARCH 2022 It’s another day and still, still, the west does not stop the killing and destruction in Ukraine.  I am ashamed. CNN Report of a man who was the chief of a yacht owned by a Russian oligarch.  He tried to scuttle the yacht and was arrested.  He went back to Ukraine.Continue reading “MORNING UPDATE”

Like Sharks in Charge of Water Safety: Elie Mystal and the Supreme Court

Elie Mystal, of the Nation Magazine, is a national treasure.  He is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the stale, phony, self-serving, power and celebrity worshiping hosts and commentators appearing regularly on corporate news. One, just one of the reasons I love him is that he rolls his eyes on nationalContinue reading “Like Sharks in Charge of Water Safety: Elie Mystal and the Supreme Court”

“We’ll be fine”

TODAY: Afghanistan has evidently disappeared since Biden and the corporate democrats have declared the war over and the operation a “success.”  Now, the corporate media evidently intends show hundreds of hours of disaster coverage.  Fortunately, there is a hurricane that can be used as an excuse for doing any real investigative reporting.  The disaster coverageContinue reading ““We’ll be fine””

Don’t bother, you don’t need to know. After all, it’s uncle joe

ISRAEL The Biden administration is taking on the same elitist “we’ll handle this you don’t need to bother” attitude that characterized the Obama administration.  And, the result will probably be the same.  When there was clear evidence that the Russians had hacked into the election infrastructure in 2016, Obama, fearful of appearing partisan, refused toContinue reading “Don’t bother, you don’t need to know. After all, it’s uncle joe”

republicans might not like trump but they “don’t regret the supreme court.”

Republicans don’t regret the result of Trump, just Trump


Just note the phrases of submission, of deliberate non-threatening language in the opening statement of ACB. The play here is: Look, this is a soft-spoken, non-threatening, non-intellectual mom, home, apple pie person. How could you be afraid of this? But, make no mistake about it, this woman is the handmaiden of oppression. Statement: “I thankContinue reading “OPENING SUBMISSIVE STATEMENT: AMY CONEY BARRETT: HANDMAIDEN OF OPPRESSION”

Ginsburg, celebrity culture and “civil grace.”

Saturday 19 September 2020 I despise the celebrity culture that has taken over this country.  The Democratic National Convention was nothing other than a cheap, vacuous, celebrity infomercial devoid of policy and full of “cult of personality” programming.  It was an embarrassment.  Somehow, we were supposed to believe that because Joe Biden is a niceContinue reading “Ginsburg, celebrity culture and “civil grace.””

elie mystal, writing in the nation @elienyc

Elie Mystal, today, writing in the Nation: I would like to mourn her. But even Ginsburg herself realized there would be no time for that. McConnell has already removed the filibuster rule for Supreme Court appointments, which means he needs only 50 votes to confirm a new justice (since the vice president breaks any ties),Continue reading “elie mystal, writing in the nation @elienyc”

Stealing the election: Just today

The Head Fake Trump in a news conference (or whatever that things is he does when he comes out and lies for an extended period of time) is preparing the population for a “disaster” on election day.  He keeps repeating the scenario and thereby painting the picture for his supporters of total confusion.  Today heContinue reading “Stealing the election: Just today”

“The Institutions are Holding” and other lies.

The Supreme Court Decision in the case of Wisconsin voting. The Supreme Court just set the stage for Republicans to steal even more elections. Elie Mystal on Supreme Court