It’s another day and still, still, the west does not stop the killing and destruction in Ukraine.  I am ashamed.


  • Report of a man who was the chief of a yacht owned by a Russian oligarch.  He tried to scuttle the yacht and was arrested.  He went back to Ukraine.


  • Zwack: The longer the Ukrainians hold, the more pressure there is on Russia.  Troops are hearing what is going on at the front.  Because of last minute notification of the fact that they were going into a war, the Russian troops were unprepared.  (Note: Zwack has a book about pre-Putin Russia.
  • The Alabama Attorney General refused to say that Biden was “legally elected and lawfully serving” when testifying in front of the Congress. 
  • Carole Leonig: what knowledge did Justice Thomas have of his wife’s activities?  “The optics are just horrible for the Supreme court Justice.”  Because he is the one justice who voted not to turn over the records.  That vote was without legal support.  This looks bad for the court in general.  There is a ruling that is a “suspicious” vote, and then the text messages come out.  Leonig is minimizing the importance of Genni Thomas’ input.  (Note: Meadows’ response is not the issue, Genni Thomas’ behavior is.)
  • Scarborough: Genni Thomas was the “establishment of the establishment” when Scarborough knew him.  She was saying that Biden and his family would be tried on barges off Guantanamo.  The Republican party has been taken over by “cranks.”  (Note: Again, political movements are diminished in importance through the “crazy” label.
  • Lemire: Flynn has been videoed giving a Q-anon salute.  Her behavior does not break any law.  (Note: Isn’t it against the law to plot a coup?)
  • Eugene Robinson: (WP) “This is crazy stuff.”  She was talking about watermarked ballots and boats off Guantanamo.  This is an example of “radicalization” of the conservative movement in Washington. 
  • Lemire: Talking about the “limitations” on what we can do to deter Putin.  He is talking about crippling sanctions that haven’t done anything.  (Note: If they are “crippling” why aren’t they doing anything?).

UKRAINE WORLD (@ukraine_world)

  • Around 300 people were killed at the Mariupol Drama Theatre.
  • Russians were disseminating the story that the US had funded bio labs in Ukraine.  Now they are saying that Hunter Biden was involved in financing these labs.
  • Zelensky is warning about famine.
  • Wesley Clark has said that Putin may use low yield nuclear weapons, probably not in Ukraine, but on the staging areas or some populated area in Poland. 


  • US and EU announce a “task force” to reduce dependence of Europe on Russian oil and gas.  (Note: A task force?)
  • Reuters is reporting that the US estimates an up to 60% failure rate for Russian missiles.
  • Australia sanctions Lukashenko and 22 Russians.
  • Russian shelling is preventing the rotation of essential personnel at Chornobyl.
  • Mariupol City Council calls for help as residents begin to die from starvation.
  • Russia claims to have “evacuated” 400,000 Ukrainians to Russia, including 84,000 children.
  • Zelensky urges G7 to fully block Russia’s Central Bank and block Russia from the GPS.
  • Zenensky: “You have thousands of fighter jets, but we have not been given one yet.”


  • The Police General in Mariupol offers to surrender himself to the Russians in exchange for getting children out of Mariupol.
  • Japan will freeze assets of 25 more Russians and prohibit exports to 81 Russian organizations.


  • Remember when Thomas’ confirmation hearings were going on, Thomas reportedly was laying in a fetal position under a table crying about the “high-tech lynching.”

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